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PiLLoW TaLk !!!

I took a nap yesterday afternoon.. and did not use the pillow i normally use !!! and after 1.5 hours.. i woke up in a very bad state... had a terrible headache.. and was feeling very very tired...

Could that happen just because of the pillow?


  1. no it was probably not because of the pillow but because you related it to the pillow.....its true the bed etc makes a difference in sleep patterns but if such were the case you wouldnt have been able to sleep only...dont worry give the pillow some rest!! hehehe

  2. It could be because of the pillow. As you are not conditioned to sleep without it as of now.....you didnt have a sound sleep which u mite have otherwise had the pillow been there, hence the heachache and all.
    So your body will take some time to get immune to sleeping without it (in case you are planning to adopt this as a normal practice) till that time there cud be some side effects.
    Gist:- we take time to adjust to things be a small little thing like sleeping with a pillow.

  3. hmmm...Prashant bhai what answers are u looking for?

  4. Bro, I was not looking for any answers.. that was just a thought.. and it was written here.. just like the lots of other thoughts that i keep having :)