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fLaShBaCk !!!

Was just reading my blog today.... its fun to see what all you've gone through in the past... and when you have something you write yourself... it becomes all the more interesting....

Just thought of searching all my posts about my car.... why.. coz she is something closest to my heart right now....

here is how i went ahead...

Test Drove and read about Some Cars

Test Drove a Palio

Got the Car

How I felt one day after

And when i got my music system....

I have come a long way from there... almost 13000 kms actually.. and there is a long way to go ahead too.... lets see how it goes !!!!

May God be with me !!!


  1. @ Ankur : Be my guest.. that was the idea actually :)

    @ Nice : Thanks...

  2. w.r.t your comment on dcams: thanks for the advice.. but dslrs starts at 30 odd right.. and i am not keen on spendin that much on my first cam.. tho i think i cud get fuji s5500/5200 in the gray market for less..

    btw. know any good retailers (gray as well) around the NCR?

  3. congrats ji!!!...red

  4. @ D Arbit Council : For grey market products.. i would have gone to Chandni Chowk anyday.. but only with someone who has spent sometime studying and using cameras... unless you have someone more then a novice with you.. there are good chances of not getting the right product with the right prices... about other shops.. check out the thread on Orkut.. i think i wrote about a few places there...

    @ Aseem : Yeah man !!!

    @ Red : Kisliye ji... thank you hai ji anyway :)