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Palio 1.2 Test Driven

Okie doks.. I am back again after a great weekend... As planned did not do anything this weekend.. except checking out some cars and watching a movie.. Ek se Badkar Ek.. what a rotten movie.. i mean i could never expect anything of this sort from someone who has made "Jaane Bhi do Yaaron".. how could he do this to himself and to the poor people of India...

Anyway.. the other important things... I test drove two cars this weekend.. One a 1900 cc Palio D and the other one a 1.2 Palio ELX Wat awesome cars man !!! the Palio D was driven first.. it felt really sluggish for a petrol driver like me.. but i forgot that i gotta rev it up to 4000 rpm before i get any kinda fun out of the engine.. but still the car was good... they call it "Inspired from Aircraft Technology" reasons being the accelerator of a Palio Diesel is not connected thru any wires but is about wireless transmissions of data from the Accelerator Pedal to the engine trigerring off the rest of the game !!! pretty plastic feel inside the car in terms of interiors.. wood finish yes but did not look appealing at all.. atleast to me.. the upholstery is not the finest quality either.. so i had to let that car go out of the options that i had !!!

Next what i did to myself was a great favour and it happened by mistake only.. i was looking for the TATA showroom in noida and instead of taking a right turn took a left from one of the Red Lights... and there was a FIAT showroom "Dynamic Automobiles" right there in front of me !!! Went inside and there was a ferrari Red coloured Palio 1.2 Sports parked there.. what a car in terms of looks.. just awesome.. class apart from the Wagon Rs and the Santros... 14" alloys, red color, chrome plated interiors, white background dials, leather gear knob and steering wheeel.. everything about that car was awesome as i can put it... did not even feel like taking a test drive in any other car after that.. no ikons (though would have burnt a similar hole in my pocket) or the Wagon R VXi or something.. So got Dad to have a look at the car and it was approved for purchase.. i can only say that i fell in love with that car the moment i saw it...

Hoping to post some fotos of the Gaddi when i grab it in the near future !!!!

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