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To mArRy or nOt 2 MaRrY

Ok.... Pros and Cons of getting married !!!
~ You have someone to come back to everyday.. unless he/she is in a travelling job...
~ You have someone who would stand by you come whatever may...
~ You get to live with someone who would share every thought (may be) that crosses your mind.. and compliments you in everything that you do...~ You have the security of not being alone...
All these things happen in a ideal marriage.. do all of them are like this... Dunno... and in India.. you gotta get married coz you gotta get married.. its the culture and the society and wants to see you get married more then you yourself.. Esther, its different in India... Live in Relationships, are just not accepted here !!!
Things which I don't think are letting me think positively about marriage...
~ There are times when you gotta slog and give your work more time then anything else.. would your partner understand this?
~ You might find yourself very uncomfortable answering the questions that now come to you from your partner.. Would you really want to be answering questions about any thing and everything.. anytime and everytime..

(an Orkut response) As far as Farah says.. that you get to spend a lotta money, eat pizzas and drive in your perky green Santro..i do not think that is why i should be getting married.. i can spend being a bachelor.. i like to eat pizzas still and have the Pizza Hut's pizzas more often then not, and about driving around.. i can drive around the town or outside.. in my car when ever i want.. i mean.. on a serious note.. what is marriage got to do with all this?

I think marriages are about those emotional bonds that you make for the rest of your lives.. but how?

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  1. "to marry or not to marry".september 2004.
    (now you won't have to look for the post i'm commenting on.)

    prashant...ye jo pros likhe hain...kitne achhe lagte hain na sochne mein.but you feel all this happens in an ideal marriage??i rem you writing somewhere that there's no word as ideal. aur ek baat batao...kitni chhoti si baatein hain yeh..if 2 ppl r in love won't they do all this?itna to main agar ek boy friend banaun uske liye bhi karun. there's more to a marriage than this.

    and the cons...knowing as much as i do of the person you are...i'm sure before getting married to someone u'll make sure that she's an understanding person and is not the nagging sorts.so why won't she understand if u have some professional issues?
    i agree that things are a lil weird in our country when it comes to marriage but why r u letting all this bother you??

    u might be thinking its easy for me to write all this but give it a thought.its such a beautiful thing.

    on a lighter note....agar koi na mile na to kuch saal ruk jao.mujhse kar lena ;)

    P.S.- i was looking for the poem and bumped into this one.aur poem abhi tak nahi mili.