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gOt iT yEsTeRDaY

So today I finally have what I was been waiting for... My brand new Palio... what a road presence that 1242 cc Car has... i mean its awesome... Very heavy car and that is why low mileage in terms of fuel.. but comfort, safety, styling, nothing at all has been compromised.. i am really in love...Dad has said a strict no no to taking that car for a trip for the next 6 months, or till the time he feels that I have control over the car and am driving it fine... hehehe.. this is kinda cute.. anyway.. i still am waiting for the registration to be done so that i can start bringing the car to the office.. but that is going to take another week or so.. and till that time.. my dame is going to be parked @ home...

i think i should give her a name... what should i be calling her... mmmmmmmmmmm........ thinking.. thinking.. thinking.....


  1. Years back in school I called my cycle "Basanti'and the name was a hit.

  2. and she is named Radha... :)

    its like going back in time!