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tHiNgS i KnOw !!!

Hmm... not sure if its interesting or not.. but here are a few things i know about myself.. got the idea of this post from one of the blogs i read.. i guess Arburn's not really sure though.. it was sometime back.. but was thinking of writing whatever i can....

1 I love to eat chinese food
2 I am about 6 ft tall
3 I have a long nose
4 I have a huge number of people I know
5 I have fallen in Love.. Not once not twice but thrice :)
6 I love to drive
7 I love to travel
8 I would like to travel the entire india on a looong vacation
9 I cannot work with people who think they become better by stealing others's credit
10 I love my parents
11 I want to have a pet, probably a dog.. Or maybe some fish
12 I would like to own a SUV someday… a BMW maybe who knows… or a JEEP
13 I used to like the brown colour a lot when I was in college
14 Blue was one of my favorite colours as well
15 I love RED color now
16 I have had many girlfriends, and I was not really in love with some of them…
17 I was very commited in all my relationships
18 I learnt my lessons in the last relationship I had
19 I am not seeing anyone as of today
20 I am not willing to fall in love as of today
21 I think love makes people think irrationally
22 I have met a few wonderful people in the last few months
23 I have realised that I would not be able to work for a company or a boss for long
24 I want to own a bookshop someday
25 I would to have a small camera shop as well
26 I want to see the ocean. ( Yeah I have not see it)
27 I love rafting
28 I do not like to drive fast
29 I would like to own a Bullet as well someday, a 500 cc bike maybe
30 I have a Nokia 6600 right now
31 I bought a Nokia 3310 with my first salary
32 I spend a lot of money on Petrol
33 I am very happy with the car that I bought; she stands out
34 I love getting appreciated, and getting the attention I deserve
35 I feel that there is a very thin line between pesterning someone, and being concerned
36 I have a good typing speed
37 I like to work on the IBM laptop that I have
38 I would want to move to a MAC someday, Gaurav's G4 Notebook is really great
39 I love photography
40 I bought a Canon 3000v a few months back, it’s a film based SLR
41 My next camera would be a Digital SLR.
42 I do not like compact Digicams, they do not give me the kinda flexibility I long for
43 I have a 7000 watt music system, Sony, ofcourse at home.
44 I want to buy a DVD player as well, which might just be a Sony
45 I want to buy a Scanner next month
46 I want to go to Europe next year, no not on my honeymoon but alone.. Just like that
47 I want to see the Niagra Falls
48 I want to drive all the way from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari one day
49 I want to make my parents travel and see a lot of places
50 I do not think I can live my life with someone who is a snob
51 I can now figure out if I can talk to the person in front of me in about 15 minutes
52 I like to wear Kurtas
53 I am not comfortable in crowds
54 I am not comfortable in really fancy restaurants
55 I like to be at a place where I can let myself loose, and not care about what the rest of the world thinks
56 I do not like my families decisions to be taken because that is a routine in the society
57 I would like to get married to a simple and intelligent girl
58 I am not fashion concious
59 I am not careful about how I am looking either.
60 I have a lot of ego and anger inside myself
61 I do not forget people or directions easily
62 I am good with reading maps and directions
63 I do not like anyone to invade my space or independence
64 I like to be respected for what I am.
65 I am not comfortable with critism, unless it is mixed with some appreciation
66 I am a good team-person
67 I am not an expert on anything at all
68 I usually play safe in terms of decisions, I take less risks or take very calculated ones
69 I can be a good RJ
70 I can give good advice to people, can be a good consultant
71 I try hard to help ppl I care for and like to stay around when they need me
72 I get irritated when people do not act practically
73 I do not drink enough water
74 I loose my temper in front of my parents a li'il too often
75 I do not let the other people know about me a lot
76 I ask a lot of questions
77 I do not challenge authority, however I do not like being ordered
78 I am good with conversations
79 I like my relationships or affairs to be physically active too
80 I like the watch that I wear, it’s a casio Databank.
81 I do not look good on camera, though some of the photographs have come out well
82 I do not like my current boss at all
83 I do not have any idea about what companies do the kinda work that I want to do
84 I like soft pillows
85 I feel bad when people just talk to me for work and then very conviniently get lost
86 I believe in God
87 I like to go to the temples as well, but not really for religious reasons.. But to see the beauty of architecture and the sculptures
88 I like being in old forts
89 I learnt swimming, and I think I have lost it too…
90 I love being in the hills, just sit on the edge and keep watching the view in the front
91 I hate people who drive in high beams
92 Given I choice I would marry the girl I can respect more, then I love
93 I feel that I have not achieved a lot of things in my life which I could
94 I love watching comedy movies, and serious ones with some substance
95 I cannot handle hindi romantic movies… what a pain they are
96 I have learnt to control my anger a li'il
97 I am very restless by nature
98 If I sleep for long, I usually wake up tired
99 I love rains, though not the mess they create here in delhi

100 There are still about a million things, I have not been able to write here, and I do not know about myself….


  1. interesting kind of post

  2. wow u seem to know a lot about urself...me likhoongi toh first point hoga i am a chocolate monster!!! hehehhe...though some points were kinda controversial!!! but then i guess i wd have been good to reflect upon urself!!
    will read more.......

  3. @ burf : thanks.. finally u find something interesting on this page...

    @ anony : yea.. i know myself.. and am still trying to know more.. about controversial points... yes i noticed them as well.. but then what the heck.. i can be in two minds too :) this is point number 101 :)

  4. nobody forgets how to swim...how to ride a bicycle... ow to play carrom and I donot forget to check ur blog evryday... its an interesting post prashie

  5. http://help.blogger.com/bin/topic.py?topic=36

    check this link for more on RSS.

  6. Well i use to go to temple in Nagpur for 3 reasons-
    1. Religious
    2. To have lovely kachoris there
    3. To see the chics coming.

  7. ur post made me feel about 70% of it as i'm reading myself...good way to analyse urself.may be some i'd be able to jot down atlest half of it.

  8. @ Aseem : I don't know if i remember how to swim at all or not... it was scary when i jumped off that 22 ft high cliff man !!! i need to keep swimming to do it good !!! and thanks for checking the blog everyday...

    @ Ankur : I have the add atom.xml to the url of my page to read it on a RSS feed reader... i do that with SAGE.. a utility for Firefox...

    about the temple thingie... chics yes... lots of them come there.. and ofcourse guys go there to check'em out.. one of the reasons why i stopped visiting the local temple near my house....

    and point 102 i love kachories too :)

    @ Red : I guess out of the 100 things i have written... well 102 now :) a lot of us might find some common items !!! now that i have written 70% of wht you are.. go ahead and write the rest 32 for me :)

  9. 101 reasons why you shud know prashant........ that shud have been the title of your post. Anyway good post gave a lot of insight abt u.

  10. @ Aqui : :) these are not the reason to know me... this is what i am.. there are good things.. there are bad things.. there are things just like that... e.g no one wants to know my coz i used to like brown colour in my college :)


  11. why wud anybody not like to know u just because your preferred colour was brown???

  12. @ Aqui : U are taking it in the opposite direction now... you said that these were the reasons to know me... i disagree.. these are not why anyone would want to or like to know me... I am not trying to advertise myself with this post of mine !!!

  13. I am talking in the past tense....... why was that?

  14. you said in your college days ppl wudnt want to know abt u just because u preferred brown. And i am wondering how can a colour preference be a criteria.

  15. @ Aqui : I don't think you understood me. I said that no one wants to know me because i used to like a colour or whatever.. these 100 things ( i repeat) are not the reasons why anyone would want to know me or not know me.. please do not associate them this way.. this was never the intention of the post.. you got it completely wrong...

  16. "you got it completely wrong... " right

  17. a suggestion for prashant and aqui....maybe u guys could argue and comment and cross comment and whatever ont he phone,thats an easier and more practical medium than dedicating precious and day by day depleting blog space!!!
    I am sure burf would agree!!!!

  18. @ anonymous : people who comment on my blog have a right to go ahead and write whatever they feel like.. and i would reply to what they wrote... however you might have helped save some space by not commenting on this page !!! Thanks for visiting...

  19. was thinkin of writin the same kinda list for myself . inspired by another friend but me too lousy .. thinkin shud do that tonight :D

    and afa ur list.. well its u jus u .. so u know the best ! but i think i will neva give it a number.. let it jus flow.. even if it ends on 84??

  20. no need to give it any numbers.. coz i am sure.. the numbers would end the things about u and me and anyone would never...

    i did wrong by limiting them wth numbers... u do not do that !!!

  21. i really like the idea of putting such things down.read something similar on someone else's blog as well.
    maybe i'll also do it sometime soon.thanks for the idea!

  22. do that... it actually does not take long...