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KiShOr Da !!!

has anyone listen to the Album "Indian Idol"... what a peice of crap it is... i was listening to it in the morning while driving to the office.. and the way they have screwed up Kishor Da's numbers is something that cannot be captured in words...

they sound so fake !!!

Kishor Da I miss you...

p.s. can someone please send me the song.. the original Bindu Re Bindu from Padosan.... on my email prashantbhardwaj@gmail.com... please please please....


  1. http://as01.coolgoose.com/music/song.php?id=175860

    link from where u can download this song.
    In case this link doesnt work. You can download it from the site called "www.coolgoose.com"
    Go to the music section of this site, then click on hindi music, in which u will find it on Page 11 of "Other".
    u ll get clearer once u visit the site.

  2. try.www.khojhyderabad.com

  3. i dont understadn agar album crap hai toh sab ussko dhoondhne mein kyun lage hue hain??

  4. dabbe anony - album crap hai Idol wali aur bache ko chahiye Kishore ka original song...

    pata chal gaya ...aaj tak malaria ka ilaz kyu nai nikla... aise absent minded log jo research me lage hain :))



  5. gaana dhooondhne ka research se kya lena dena!!! dabba hoge tum!!