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tHiNgS i WaNt 2 BuY !!!

I have been asking mom for this now.. bada mazedaar conversation hota hai...

" chunnu, i think you should get married now..."

"mom, getting married is not easy... forget abt the girl for a sec.. but other then that.. u need a whole bloddy lot of money... "

"We have the money... no issues..."

" Ok great.. then first buy me a royal enfield... and then i will think about getting married..."

hehehehe.. this is where the discussion usually ends.. i do not know if i am going to buy the bike or not.. but mom knows that its my dream to have a bullet one day !!! and i will get it....

And i also want to buy a carrom board... and a digital SLR... i guess the dSLR is going to wait for an year.. i want to do well wit the film based baby right now...

carrom board.. i guess i wll buy it in the evening today... and bullet.. i am hope i can get it by my next happy budday to me !!!!


  1. shaadi se bullet??...good good!

    carrom brings back dumb memories...i was never good at it and my cousins used to win every time.everyone used to get upset agar main unki team mein aa jati. :((

  2. @ bastm carrom to mereko bhi theek se nai aata khelna...
    and i did not buy it either today... may be some other time.. maybe when i come back from the trip !!!

  3. abe wo niche wali ramkatha pe comments kyo switch off kar diye? :D

    anyways lemme comment on that over here... please tell me, is the word "dhoosh" a slang ????

  4. @ sanjukta : Thanks

    @ burf : Aise hi... no particular reason... dhoosh is a slang i guess... college lingo !!!

  5. amen !

    may ur dreams come true !


  6. do ur self a favour!! buy the bullet now!!!