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mOrE oF Me !!!

Ok.. here is something which a friend, Richa... forwarded to me yesterday...one of the nicer people i have met and very easy to talk to ... i am comfortable talking to her... and thats good enough for a start !!!!

what follows is a small somethingie about myself.. i thought instead of filling it up and sending it to 15 friends of mine.. so that i can get a good news in 23 minutes.. i rather fill it up and paste it here...

so here u go.. for more about me...

* Starting Time:1100 hrs

* Name : Prashant Bhardwaj
* Photu:
* Nicknames: chunnu, OM, Pete, Peta
* Starsign: Aries
* Location: NOIDA
* Colour of eyes: black
* Hair colour : black, and a few grey and a few white :( old age u see...
* Brothers/Sisters: none
* You live with: ma and pa

------------------HAVE YOU EVER------------------

* Missed school bcuz it was raining : yes
* Been in a car accident: na... oh yes actually.. got sandwhiched between a baleno and a maruti 800.. but came out scratchless... and the two of them would have remembered it for a long time...
* Been hurt emotionally: YES...
* Kept a secret from everyone: yaaa...
* Cried during a Movie: yup.. when i was a kid.. now i can laugh at movies that make u cry...
* Ever thought an animated character was hot: nope... wondering how would catherine zeta jones look when she would be animated.. neah !!!
* Been on stage : lots of times.. grad was spent doing that only...
* Been sarcastic?: yupp.....

* Shampoo: no favs here....
*Soap: lirill... or harmony.. or margo.. or dettol... oops... so many of them.. i guess the answer to this question is no favorites here too.. but i know what i would not use...
*colour/shade: Red/ orange/ yello...
* Summer/Winter: Winters....
* Cartoon Characters: Bugs Bunny, Launchpad, Jerry
* Drink: Water, and fresh Sugarcane juice

* Food: chinese... veg....
* Movie(s): Jaane bhi do yaaron, Chashme Baddoor, Golmal, Angoor, Hera Pheri, Kisi se Na Kehna, Chupke Chupke, Chalti ka Naam Gaadi, Waise bhi hota hai-II, Seher, Rajnigandha, actually.. any comedy movie..
* Subject: none... though would have loved to study theatre...
* Animal: Tiger
* Person: none... no favorites here...

-------RIGHT NOW------------------
* Hair: umm.. ok sorts.. wearing a wet look gel...
* Wearing: red check shirt with beige trousers
* Eating: just had a orange cream buiscit
* Drinking: water...
*Thinking: of what are the rest of the questions.. when is this survey going to end :)

------------IN THE LAST 24 HRS------------------ * Cried: Na
* Met someone new,if yes who: na...
* Cleaned your room: na... i do not remember the last time this miracle happened....
* Drove a car: yessssss... i love driving my palio...
* Been pissed off: yes.. on a guy who is -ve 100 on IQ

--------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN---------------
* Yourself: Yes....
* Santa: NO....
* Toothfairy: NO...
* Angels: NO...
* Intelligent life in space: Yes....
* Ghosts: Yes...
* God: Yes...
* temples: Not really.. though i like being there...
* love at first sight: Not really.. though my car is a result of love at first sight... never happened otherwise...

• ------------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------
* Do you have a soul mate? Yes.. just that i have not met her so far...
* Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? nope.. would not mind having a girlfriend though...
* Do you like anyone? Lots of them.. a better question would be .. who likes me ;)
* Who have u known the longest of your friends: Sandeep Verma... he works with iBILT these days... i met him when i was in Standard-III
* Who's the weirdest: a whole lot of ppl... do not want to name them here...

----------ABOUT GUYS FOR GIRLS TO FILL OUT-----------
* Long or short hair:
* Good or bad guy:
*cap or No cap:
* Tan or fair:
* Rugged or sporty:
* Accent or no accent:
* Funny or not funny:
* Cute or sexy:
* witty or not: yes yes yes...
* Painted nails or not: does not matter.. till the time its not black or blue or darkest red nailpaint...
* bikini or swim suit: umm.... bikini ;)
* Hot or cute: cute...
* Dressy or casual: casual
* mature or immature: mature....
* Dark or blonde hair: dark
* Dark or light eyes: dark
* funny or not: Phunny...
* Good or bad gurl: good coz the bad ones do not find me good enough ;)
* mini skirt or shorts: shorts...
* Intelligent or average: intelligent
* Hair open or tied: open
* Jewelry or none: none
* deep neck or high cut: dunno...
* Tall or short: tall
* Curly or straight hair: straight
* sex goddess or romantic: romantic
* Pants or dress: dress
* Tan or fair: tan
* Accent or Not: no
* Shy or outgoing: outgoing.. but who knows when to speak what...
* sporty or prom queen: umm.. dunno.. probably a decent mix of both...
* long or short hair: long... actually no issues with short either.. but i guess long look more graceful...

-------------FOR EVERYONE TO FILL OUT-------
* Silver or gold: Silver
* Diamond or pearl: Pearl
* Sunset or sunrise: Both in the mountains...
* Do you sleep with stuffed animals: do you consider women as stuffed animals? hehehe... so far none in any case...

* Have you ever got stitches/sprained/fractured: sprains yes.. stiches fractures no...

* Do you have any piercings?: NO
* Rain, sun or snow?: Rain.. without the mess.. sun in the winters... snow.. umm.. duno.. but yes.. its lovely...

* How is the weather right now?: I am inside a centrally AC office.. its good...
* Who won't respond: not sending it to anyone...

* Six packs or muscules (arm): six packs... a dream is a dream is a dream...

Survey ends at 1120 hours...phew...


And this is what Richa had to write about herself... in the email that she sent across to me...

* Starting Time:6:21PM

* Name : Richa Bhardwaj

* Nicknames: rich,richie
* Starsign: virgo
* Location: Delhi
* Colour of eyes: brown
* Hair colour : black
* Brothers/Sisters: 1 bro
* You live with: mom dad and bro

------------------HAVE YOU EVER------------------

* Missed school bcuz it was raining : yes
* Been in a car accident: not really
* Been hurt emotionally: yes
* Kept a secret from everyone: yeah
* Cried during a Movie: yep
* Ever thought an animated character was hot: hell no!
* Been on stage : yeah
* Been sarcastic?: loads of times!!!!!

* Shampoo: no favs as such
*Soap: ditto

colour/shade: orange/green
* Summer/Winter: winter
* Cartoon Characters: mmm jerry i guess
* Drink: mango juice

* Food: anything veg
* Movie(s):chupke chupke,ddlj,etc.... quite a few, actually..
* Subject: oh it used to be bio.now....umm....maybe money
* Animal: dogs
* Person: my bro
-------RIGHT NOW------------------

* Hair: messy
* Wearing:pyjamas
* Eating: nuthing
* Drinking: nthn
*Thinking: of what i should eat

------------IN THE LAST 24 HRS------------------
* Cried: nope
* Met someone new,if yes who:yeah...another guy on orkut,Avishek
* Cleaned your room: no.its clean only.just cleared my bed before leaving for col.
* Drove a car: no...:((
* Been pissed off: ya.. sorta
--------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN---------------

* Yourself: totally

* Santa: no
* Toothfairy: nope
* Angels: kinda
* Intelligent life in space: ya

* Ghosts: i don't know
*God: YES!
*temples: yep
*love at first sight: no

• ------------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------

* Do you have a soul mate? not really
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? no

* Do you like anyone? nO

* Who have u known the longest of your friends: ruchi ,ruhi and mansi

* Who's the weirdest: the whole gang in college

----------ABOUT GUYS FOR GIRLS TO FILL OUT-----------

* Long or short hair:depends.but usually short and neat looks better
* Good or bad guy:for me....good :)
*cap or No cap:no cap....but in winters its ok
* Tan or fair:doesn't matter
* Rugged or sporty:if i HAVE to chose between just these 2 then i guess rugged
* Accent or no accent:no accent
* Funny or not funny: funny
* Cute or sexy:a bit of both

*witty or not:
* Painted nails or not:
*bikini or swim suit:
* Hot or cute:
* Dressy or casual:
*mature or immature:
* Dark or blonde hair:
* Dark or light eyes:
*funny or not:
* Good or bad gurl:
* mini skirt or shorts:
* Intelligent or average:
* Hair open or tied:
* Jewelry or none:
*deep neck or high cut:
* Tall or short:
* Curly or straight hair:
*sex goddess or romantic:
* Pants or dress:
* Tan or fair:
* Accent or Not:
* Shy or outgoing:
* sporty or prom queen:
*long or short hair:

-------------FOR EVERYONE TO FILL OUT-------

* Silver or gold: silver
* Diamond or pearl: diamond
* Sunset or sunrise:Sunset
* Do you sleep with stuffed animals: no!

* Have you ever got stitches/sprained/fractured: stitches,sprains and fractures...all of them

* Do you have any piercings?: yup
* Rain, sun or snow?: all three....none in excess.

* How is the weather right now?: hot!
* Who won't respond: i have no clue..

* Six packs or muscules (arm): neither i guess.but muscles are a turn off.six packs are still ok


  1. uffffffffff ittta bada survey!!! tumne 20 min mein kaise khatam kara baba!!

  2. @ anony : Kar liya bas.. dedlicated effort maara fatafa likha sab....

  3. some questions are nice :D

    overall it's nice :D

  4. hellooooo!
    yeh kya...mere answrs bhi?i'll sue you for putting up my personal info on your blog!!
    waise good answers and somethings i didn't know...;)

    good job!

  5. @ burf : thank you hai bhai...

    @ richa : haan to maine kaha thaa na ke tere answers bhi post karunga.. aur teri foto bhi to lagai hai ;) aisee kya personal info hai yaar... interesting hai par...

    chalo good u know me more now :) thank you hai for the compliment too..

  6. yeah u told me but i never thought u wud put my info as well.who wud be interested to read about me on your blog??

  7. sachi mein bahut lamba survey tha;)guess syurvey are long only.

  8. hi richa:)nice to know about u too.

  9. @ richa : arre to jo mereko jaante hain... wo tereko bhi jaan jayenge tokya tension hai.. mere friends ke baare mein bhi to pata hona chahiye na !!! and see red is happy to meet you :)

    @ Red : Hey red !!! how are you.. haan surveys to lambe hi hote hain !!!

  10. i know a bit about pras's another friend too now :D


  11. waise top ke anony ne ye survey nai kiya kya ?

  12. nai...mere baare mein kuch interesting hai hi nai ,and pehle kya sochne ko kam hai jo itte saare aur questions ke answers sochoon!!! enough thinking for me..

  13. Phew...
    Couldn’t read all of it... Died somewhere in between

  14. filled something like this, when i was new to net.....arnd 1999 or so....good survey.....kisi market research wale ne banaya hoga.....
    still high on cool factor..... :)

  15. @ Burf : So man... doyou find my friend interesting ? :P

    @ neha : maidam.. aap kitte interesting ho ye aapko nai pata humse poocho hum batayenge...

    @ ankur : abe aise kaise chalega.. i give you a chance to know me better and more and youdie in between... huh !!!

    @ deepu : :) ab mereko nai pata bhai kisne banaya hai.. mera dil kiya bhar ki chipkaane ka.. so kar diya :)

  16. this post prompted me to think,,and give my answers to all the questions toi,,i cud not help but notice that how different they were :-)

  17. @ ankur : Its good we think different.. i get to see a new view as well.. to things i think !!!