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AnOtHeR LoNg DaY !!!

becoming a stranger to herself.. and becoming a friend to me... this is not fair.. anyway.. why should i be complaining.. i am getting a friend who cares.. and is very very choosy about who and what she cares for... which means that i am the chosen one ;)

she will also copy me in things that she things are correct as per her...
she will also get angry when someone would try to speak something with authority which she is not comfortable with !!!

my day started late today... first thing i did after i got up was get on the net.. for some reason i am spending too much time on the net these days... what do i do when i am connected.. well do not ask... i browse.. i chat to a couple of friends.. and a few to be friends... and i just stay there !!!!

had to meet richa today post lunch... but her class and an old professor kept her from reaching there at the time we talked about.. so she sent me an sms that she would be late.. and if it was ok with me... welll.. it was... i was really looking forward to meet this new person who i was talking to for a few days now... so i decided to wait till she gets free..
we finally met at 1530 hours.. in barista South Ex... one place that brings back a lot of memories to me... for the good and the bad times i spent there with shikha... ok back to present... she did not make me wait.. and was there before me.. i kept her waiting for a while... however i was on time as well...

she was wearing her glasses... and as she correctly said... she looks intellectual with those glasses on.. and looks beautiful without them.. so either ways... she is wonderful person to be seen with..

about talking... mmm.. i guess she has her choices... she might like to be interested in talking to you sometime.. and that is when she will be looking at you... but there is another feature of hers.. which can confuse you.. this is when she is listening to you and looking somewhere else.. which is kinda distracting at times...

She was a nice beautiful person and i was at ease with myself while talking to her... however i was kinda cautious towards that fact that i am usually very raw with myfriends.. and i should not just drop to that level with her too soon.. however that happened and made her angry towards the end of our meeting...

i realised a problem with me here... that the first impression while talking or chatting to someone is of a very happy go lucky yet kinda sofisticaed fella.. and in due course of time the person might just realise that there is a very very raw and un-refined part of me. which comes out when i am comfortable with that person.. somewhere inside me the villager who has no sense of communication is still there... and the polish of the urban world has still not been able to remove that completely.... i am not complaining or something.. i think what i am is a mix of the qualities that i need in myself basis the kinda ppl i meet and talk to.. a good percentage of my time is spent in conversation with my relatives who are still connected to the rural world... and what i am fits in bloddy well there.. and i have managed to do well in the urban jungle too.. so i guess i am fine with whatever i am :) though i should be careful about what to speak and when !!!!

so an ice tea later... i learn one more word called Thoosh !!! this is used to refer to a person who eats a lot...
and richa went back richer with two words... tambi and mundoo... both of which i use to refer to the waiters... or the buzz boys... no offence ok !!!!

i felt really bad for her when she told me about a few health issues that she had been living through. and i really admire her for the kinda calmness she has with those issues still being around.. masta attitude i must say !!! keep it up richa.. if you are reading it !!!

the time at Barrista comes to an end.... and we walk to teksons looking for a map.. which we did not find.. and then got into a small tiff... because of what i mentioned earlier.. the tone of my voice.. which a lot of ppl would not be comfortable with to start with... even though the intention is correct.. when i speak that way.. it comes out rude and harsh... ppl who know me for sometime know how i talk.. but i guess it was too much for richa to handle...

anyway.. i tried a li'il to make it up to her.. and i guess i managed it too.. just had to try saying the same sentence in a few different ways :) had a quick 10 minute talk on the road too.. before i moved towards radha... and she towards... the subway !!!!

all the time while walking towards the car.. i was thinking of how i said what isaid.. and was i really rude.. and i could not get an answer.. till i talked to aro in the evening... will come to that in a while..

took out the car from the parking.. and then drove back home.. listening to Safri Duo.. loud is the word about how i was playing the music.. richa did not manage to see the car.. or hear the music system in it today.. may be some other day...

ok back home.. mom and me had to go to a tailor.. but mom found out that the tailor was sick so we did not go.. Tushar.. or burf as the blog world know him.. came over that time.. after a long gap.. and we decided to just walk to the sector-18 market.. check out a few dames.. we both feel that in noida.. the quality of dressing has improved with women.. so most of them look good.. and are good to look at... we do not stare u c.. coz we also have to see that all the good ones get equal amount of look.. and there are so many that we cannot afford to look at someone for more then about 10 seconds.. ok 20 if she is like really hott !!!!

ended up in a book shop.. where i just could not stay coz i am not a book guy !!! just wanted to get some maps here too.. did not find them here either.. so i was just checking out some hindi funny poetry and some light angrezi books... i found one... Department of Denails... by the same guy who wrote the inscrutable americans.. i remember reading that book... i think i will order it online... from indiatimes.. i get a good discount there.. me is a book club member in indiatimes....

back to home.. tushar wanted to drive my old 800.. so i grabbed the keys and gave it to him.. and he drove to our favorite hangout place in noida... the Tea SHOP.. it has shifted to the sector-37 market, near the telephone exchange... awesome collection of tea there.. and i always like to have something or the other there...

while driving... i managed to talk to a very sweet friend of mine.. who is outside delhi these days.. talking to her is so much fun.. i can just talk about anything under the sky with her.. and have also managed to share things with her.... things which i have managed to keep inside me for a long time... i hate the fact that she is not in delhi.. i miss her a lot... talking to her is so so refreshing....

so we took our tea.. tushar took the peach ice tea.. with some extra mint leaves.. and i was having my leechi ice tea.. with a lof of mint again... and this is where we got into a conversation about my love with books.. and how my dream of a shop can materialise.. i like the fact that tushar was serious about my dream.. and gave it a lot of value... we discussed a few things about how to take it from there.. how i can manage to have my taste in books get developed.. and then i also told him.. what can i read.. and what are the kinda things that i can connect too..

that reminds me.. earlier in the evening.. he was telling me that in some small village in india... the male-female ratio is so low.. that they have started marrying a woman to more then one man !!! we got into a really though provoking discussion over this.. and moved into a some cheapshit as well !!! this is something that i should not be discuising here.. just want to tell that our intentions were very clean !!!!

anyway.. came back home... tired.. after a long day.. and managed to talk to richa again over the chat... told her about what i felt.... and she is to tell me a secret... i am waiting...

oh and yes... she told me that she told her friend.. that i am a sofisticated fella !!! sahi ha na !!!!


  1. hmmm :)
    first of all,thank you sooo much for saying all these 'nice' things about me."ego-booster"???

    you should have told me if you were not comfortable with meeting there.we could have met somewhere else.

    i'm sorry if it was distracting while i was looking around.no such intentions.:)

    and again....i was not angry then.was just not expecting anything like that so behaved the way i did.and i had no idea it affected you so much.sorry about that as well.

    the word is not thoosh.its dhoosh!!

    who's aro??the friend you spoke to over the phone?

    it's not that important a secret that u're waiting like this :)

    i liked the idea of our combined shop of books and flowers.maybe you were just kidding but i would seriously not mind it.just that it is a long time ahead in the future for me.

    maybe i did see Radha.did you park right outside mango??

    i also had a pleasant time.good fun.i would have liked to stick around a little longer if i had some more time on me.

    this is a looong comment!

  2. dont we always try to be our best when we meet someone first time...conscious decsion...the real us is always somewhere hidden from the new friends as well as common people.....that happens with time.....

    on a lighter note...since i m a big book addict and i love giving flowers to my friends...spl to someone in noida.....how much discount u gonna offer me :)

  3. @ Richa nice nai true things... jo laga wo likha... i was fine with meeting u there re... agli baar kahin aur... the first place u suggested.. that was a great idea...
    about looking around.. pata chal gaya na mereko... product feature hai...koi nai chalega ;)

    haan effecthua... par its ok.. natural thaa na.. dono ke liye..

    Dhoosh it is :)

    Arois the friend with whom i went to the Valley of Flowers... if you hear me talking to him.. u might just faint... the first line we speak to each other when we call is " Kaun mara?" and if the answer is no.. we get very sad... ke koi kyon nai mara... hehehe...

    book shop ko khulegi.. kabhi na kabhi.. and u are more then welcome to be a part of it... mere orkut friends mein ek hai Pawan... he is also delighted at this idea... and probably would be with me in this project too... and i was not kidding.. !!! not at all...

    yes.. the car was outside mango !!!
    will meet again for sure... and this one is a long comment tooo :)

    @ deepak yes.. we always do... it is deliberate too.. it takes time to get to your real self :) tereko discount chahiye... hmm... pawan se pooch bhai.. ye marketing wale funde to sambhalta hai... par tereko at cost de dunga sab kuch !!! ye mera wada hai tujhse :)