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jUst LiKe ThAt !!!

standing at the sea shore.. i think.. is life as deep as the sea... are my goals as far as the horizon...

and then i touch the water.. and i know... i can stand though the sand slips thru my feet...

i am closer to the horizon.. though there is still a long way to go !!!


  1. don't worry,atleast u know there is a way.agar manzil ka pata hai to raaste bhi dikh jaayenge,samay karvat badalne do,khud hi manzil ko paayoge.

  2. is the sand on the beach white or brown or gray ?

  3. @ Red : am just trying to figure out a way.. took me a long time...

  4. what to say...i know not!

    all i can feel is that its a beautiful way of expressing what you feel.

    i think these are phases that we go through which are kinda similar to the illusions that we experience while looking at the horizon...at times it seems so far away into infinity and sometimes you get a high while looking at it and feel that you can embrace it.
    i don't know if you've ever looked at it this way but i can tell you that i have. :)

  5. i can only add this..
    the woods are lovely dark and deep
    but i have promises to keep
    and miles to go before i sleep
    and miles to go before i sleep...

    kuch zyaada senti ho gaya toh sorry hehe..

  6. anony - that sounds like Robert Frost, is it?

  7. If the mind can percieve...the body can achieve. Someone said it not how big u can dream..its how long can u keep dreaming big!!!

    So keep the spirits high...and keep hiting it hard...results will come!

  8. The shore is endless and infinite and though we worry about sand slipping through, we forget that there is loads of it....same thing with time. Worrying about the days gone by while we have eternity stretched in front of us.

    And also....the beauty of life is to be able to stand on the shore and enjoy the horizon and wish to reach it. What would life be if you were already there?

  9. kanika have u always been content with standing on the shore and watching ,did u never wish to reach it??

  10. @ ankur : i know d00d... there are a lot of ppl who stand on this shore with me :)

    @ bastm : about that high.. i think i have felt that.. when i am up on a mountain and i look at the open skies.. there is this strong feeling to fly and touch that sky !!!! but then i realise that i will fall to my end if i even try to do that :)

    @ anony : ye maine pehle bhi kahin pada hai... zyada senti nai hua lekin for sure...

    @ b : yea man.. the spirits are high.. even the salty sea water is not going to dampen them:) i do not dream too big though.. short but firm steps is what i would choose....

    @ kanika : the best part about horizon is that no matter how far away from the shore you go.. u will still have a few more steps to take... so i am not going to stand on the shore for sure... and about being already there.. that's not going to happen.. coz there will always be something more to have...