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What's been happening in Singur?

I was wondering and read an article about the twists and turns so far, to find out more !!!

I am interested in the land acquisition policies, processes, the rehabilitation and employment responsibilities etc and hence was interested in the entire sage of events. If you also have been reading bits and pieces and wondering the whats and why of Singur, this should help.

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And I came around this article today :

http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/51_of_businesses_owned_by_SCSTOBCs/rssarticleshow/3456486.cms (copy and paste in your browser)

The article says that : "Over half of all business establishments in the country — 51% to be precise — are today owned by the socially disadvantaged sections, mostly OBCs, with a slim contribution coming from SCs and STs. "

Now is this just a chance? or because of a certain capability to do good things? And if this is capability, why the hell is there a fight for reservations? I don't understand !!! I would want to believe that the so called neglected part of the society is equally capable as the "General" category.


  1. Or is it because of the reservations? Who would verify that? and How do you verify that?
    The general or the reserved? Which numbers do you trust? On whose data do you run your analysis on????

    This blog addresses two very core problems of India (land ownership & reservation), and specifically in Bengal where the history of land ownership has changed or has been altered or snatched historically or removed mulitiple times (abolition of the Zamindari system, partition!)

    NO BODY KNOWS WHO OWNS WHAT !! AND HOW FAR you go back to determine the ownership!

    As far as the politics of Singur goes, its the repeatation of the same dumb, arrogant, stupid, irrational, blocked vision that LEFT had many years back and is still suffering its after effect!!

    The further east you go, more historically, politically, technically, economically backward the country appears !! Bengal is the gateway to it!! THE PROBLEM IS JUST THE SAME - reservation and land ownership!

    If one happens to visit Assam one should not be surprised to see Assamese as minorities, or whole village from Bangladesh settled in India!! pHEW!!! it gets complicated and complicated...

    As far as Bengal goes, for a change after F*(&(*@&( the state for so many years when the RED flag is trying to correct for all the damage they have done we have another DUMB, ILLITERATE, IRRATIONAL, INSECURE,....@^*!@&!^* (am running out of words for that character) is trying hard to get some attention at the cost of a poor, normal, daily farmer!!!

    As far the reservation goes wasn't the govt trying to pass a bill on reservation against economic background and not the caste system!!

    I did not follow up on it.. but I think THAT WOULD BE THE DAY we will take the first step towards a new or modern India, as opposed to the 4000 or 2000 years (or is it 6000 years) of the caste system!

    Till then everything and anything the normal educated middle class or higher middle class wants and dreams of India is bound to go down the drain!!!!

  2. # Tanu...

    I am not sure if you have mixed the two things that I have written in this post somewhere down in your comment, it felt as if you have !!!

    1. I am happy about that data,and hoping that its correct !!! this is a representation of the ability for me. One is free to question it, and I am sure with our limited experiences with data, and the validity all of us can question how it might have been collected !

    You comment did not really tell me if you support reservation or you feel otherwise.

    2. Singur, I am sure you would know more as you know much more about the NE than I do... Land Acquisition is something that is still being done on a very very old act (1894 to be precise)


    I have a few thoughts around it but I have been able to write it down the way I wanted to !!

  3. to me these two issues are mixed..

    to separate them

    1. the idea of reservation was sold with the object to bridge the gap between rich and poor, BUT there could have been better and more efficient ways to deal with bridging the gap if that was the real agenda ever!

    As far my stand goes in historical India may be it was required but in modern India for which I am responsible and I can speak, I would totally support a reservation based on Financial back ground

  4. i honestly am not capable enough to mix both these issues... That way there can never be a solution !!!

    Every problem ( if it is one) has to be seen differently and a solution identified and implemented...

    Having said that, when I wrote this post it was not intended to come out as a problem that I am trying to talk about..

    Singur is reaching a solution ( hopefully) and I would be glad

    Large amount of businesses owned by what is treated as the underprivileged I am again happy !!!

    I take both of these are a step forward !!!

  5. " Large amount of businesses owned by what is treated as the underprivileged I am again happy !!!"

    I am glad you think this way, somehow the above thought was not apparent in your post..

    The post appeared as though you were questioning the reservation system and the land ownership problem!

    My Bad.

    and yes, too many links will always make the problem impossible to address :)

    achaa hai one angle at a time..

  6. Tanu, I am questioning the reservation system yes !!! because I don't think reservation is needed... if someone is capable they can reach where they want to... The stats only are a representation of it !!! And if someone is not capable, they cannot achieve shit, even if they are the only one's in the game !!!

    I am not sure how did you feel that I was questioning the land aquisition system in this post !!! I have not made any comment or remark of that sort in my original post !!!

    And yes, one step at a time !!!

  7. The way the West Bengal government went about Singur, and the way the opposition opposed it both leaves a lot to be desired. The way both parties were obstinate about their stance, it's a miracle that a solution has been reached, thanks to the Governor Mr. Gopalkrishna Gandhi.

    About the issue of reservation, I strongly believe that any priviledge given to OBC, SC, ST, economically backward, etc, should be given to one generation, and not made a hereditary right.

  8. I totally think that a reservation in need for the underprivileged but within the bounds of time and not granted wish for ever !!

    I also believe that capability and chance are related to certain extent but not entirely...

    Questioning Land acquisition was a miss understanding..

    but Singur def. seems to have become a miracle specially with all the bloodshed and every thing that happened there early this year..