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बिदेस में नौटंकी और छमिया नाच

अरे तू अभी तक नहीं गया? कितने महीने हो गए हैं तेरेको अमरीका में?


हद्द है यार !!! चल आज चल...

नहीं यार, मेरे दिल नहीं है !!! क्या करना है जाकर? यहीं बैठते हैं, सुंदर सुंदर लडकियां घूम ही रही हैं उन्ही से काम चला लेते हैं !

अबे चल...

यार !!

चल ना बैठे रहना ऐसे ही वहां पर भी... कोई बड़ी बात नहीं है !!!

चलो फिर !!!

And never before I have said NO to so many dripping hot girls in one night !!! hehehe... what an ego boost (I am just ignoring the fact that I would have to shell out anything between $20 to $100 for the act of seduction that would have followed, had I said yes)

I had been told that a strip bar is THE place to be in if you are in the US, but this was never in the to-do list... however once I have been there, I am glad it was never in the to-do list !!!

The bodies were flawless naked...
The dances seductive...
The faces blank...
And expressions forced !!!

And because I usually start looking at women face down and not breast up, I was only put off with the forced faces that I saw all around !!!

Its a fact that bodies, faces, skin are used as products these days, but Deja Vu (said to be the best strip club in Minneapolis) was one place where I saw this happening to the limit... Just moving naked objects ! nothing less nothing more !!!

Now if you are too desperate to have a naked body dance around yourself, strip bars are the place for you! I just could not make myself like what was happening there!

Spending anything between $20 to $100 for a personal lap dance... sit in the front row, keep a $1 bill in front of you, so that the pole dancer can come to you and rub your face against her boobs, take your cap if you are wearing one, rub it between her legs and you keeping it forever as a souvenir !!! All of this happening while I was only feeling lost looking at it happening with people around !!!

The interesting part is, that when I told this to a few gal friends, they were like, "we also want to go !!!" I was surprised initially !!! but then I thought it could be just plain fun if I am going there in a group that I am comfortable with !!! I am sure I am not going to drool over any of the naked bodies there, but I might just enjoy the entire club thing more !!!

To mention a few good things...
  • Pole Dancing is tough !!! and very !!! needs a lot of control and expertise !!! True ART, I must say !!
  • It was interesting how there were groups sitting there enjoying !!! Men and Women both in the group !! Getting some sexual pleasure was definitely not the agenda for them !!! plain neat fun !!!
  • It was not a shady dingy smoked up place... but a very well lit, nicely decorated, and professionally maintained place !

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  1. True....till you go there - You want to go there once and once you have been there - it kinda gets boring....

    Nice post

    Where in US did you go...since you mentioned it was no smoking...NJ and NY have banned smoking in all public places

  2. Hmmmmm...interesting post...

    'Boost ego) is the secret of my energy' ;) :P :) he he he ...

  3. One of the very few men who admits they've been there --> you. I've seen most guys don't want to say it out loud or feel embarrassed. Interesting read, btw.

  4. Thanks for ur valuable insights!!

    I always had curiosity to knw what actually happens there.... If this is what happens....I would like to keep myself away from there....

    Now, I have one less reason to go to US!

  5. # Ceedy...
    welcome to my page...not sure if I have seen you here before :)

    It was boring for me the first time too !

    I am in Minneapolis and went to a club called Deja Vu

    # Tanu...
    haan beta... bahut interesting :) tu chalna mere saath... i will sponser a lap dance for you :)

    YESS, even girls can get a lap dance and that does not raise eyebrows :P

    # Kanan...
    I did not see a reason why it cannot be shared! It was an experience worth mentioning :)

    I was more surprised than embarrassed there !!! Did not believe it first !!! it was like one of the porn movies on a large screen... then realized it was for real ! and did not know where to look :P

    and then realized I was not liking it anyway :)

  6. # Ankit,

    I would say, go see it once !!!

    and then decide !!!

  7. That's an interesting post. Most Bold post on CKD I have read. But I am glad to read it. Have heard many things from other of my friends who have visited such places, but never has anyone expressed themselves anywhere as close to this.

    I like the part of the expressions part. After a while you start to feel sick. I would like to think that this notion of the dead faces, without any expressions or fake expressions are all around. You see that in offices, in the parks, on the streets, and now...in the strip bar.

    Today i went to a building ka opening party... and saala fake smile dekar... jaws pain kar raha hai!! Glad I am not a celebrity! hehe!

    On a lighter note, its been a rather "interesting" stay for you in the US.From Falling to the sky, to the Andromedia Galaxy, to within the heart of nature to some nice lakes..

    Good Good!

  8. Thanks Kshitiz....

    Expressions... I guess they were not there at !! Not even when they asked if I wanted a lap dance !!! they were the coldest of faces that I have seen !!! ugh !!!

    Beta celebrity to tum banoge ek din !!! dekh lena :)

    This stay has been interesting yes !!! and very !!! Yehi soch kar aaya thaa after I lived with a messed up mind in UK !!!

    so Uncle God has been kind again :) yet again :)

  9. chalo ek aur experience ho gaya. now you can say been there, done that for this too...

  10. ya thats how i feel it will be but still would like to go once for the experience of it!!

  11. # Kashmira...
    yupp :)

    # Gunjan...
    haan ek baar to jaana banta hi hai.... atleast you would have a first hand experience and take a call for the second time :)

  12. The lack of expressions mean ,the lack of love and feelings..its a mere proffession for them ,and they do it every other day..
    Though i would personally be never keen on watching people like that around ,i wonder if girls(the ones who come in groups) enjoy that..
    Good you had a one time experience of this as well but ,I feel ,its like watching a porn ,full of stuff that you see ,but would not want to do

  13. # Vaishali...

    love and feelings? I wonder who would go to a strip bar to find love and feelings !!!

    I am talking about expressions.. simple plain expressions !

    and talking about professionalism, do you not see the waiters in a restaurant smiling even though they do it over and over again, and a office receptionist greeting everyone with a smile even though she spends at-least 40 hours of her week on the seat !!!

    But I guess most of the people are more interested in the how nice the bodies look instead of the face having an expression or not :/ they are like live human like plastic rubber dolls who have a body that's desirable, but a face that does not change with anything!

  14. If not love and feelings..who would go to strip bar for expressions..and you said it youself..people like their bodies ,not faces..and thats what they go there for..

    Dont know ,if you would agree or not ,but "SMILING" is a part of the hospitality industry ,a part of their job..be it a waiter who smiles at his customers in a resturant ;or a receptionist , who welcomes people with her smile..

  15. # Vaishali...
    I guess I did not get you completely !!

    but I personally feel that there is something between love and feelings and zero expressions too...

    I did not like it because of the dead faces there... and I have a feeling that most people do not mind just enjoying the view they get !!!

    but love and feelings? where did that come from?

  16. You should not have written this post... by doing so you have lost the opportunity to tell tall masala stories to your friends (read Aro). Now he will say that Tarzan guy movie is better :( Remember that... the one you saw and said, "Kya hai yeh?"

  17. I personally am very expressive ,so something that i feel shows up on my face ,be it the joy os something or the irritated annoyed look on my face .

    I feel all faces are reflective ,it is a mirror of your soul ,so expressions are all about "FEELING IT".
    Point taken ,you didnt enjoy it ,and iam sure that would have been very obvious from your face..no one can fake it for long.Similarly ,those faces are cold , because its a routine job for them ,they dont enjoy any bit of it..

  18. okay looks like there is some heat here!! and not only because of the hot bodies..

    in between feelings and zero expression - what you may have been looking for was seduction??? - some thing which you may do for the just fun.

    or....lol.... may be the dancer was mirroring you :)

    or nexxt time wear the color red, it is a good fire starter:))..you should know

    or may be the trick is to be wearing a cap...on your head :P

    interesting, insightful post !!

  19. # Subbu...
    I doubt if he is regular on chai ki dukaan !!!

    hehee... i remember that..

    # Vaishali...
    I think the discussion is going on a different tangent than what I wrote the post for !

    lets discuss this offline sometime !

    # Jyoti...
    I was not looking for anything there ! it was never a part of the things that I wanted out of my trip to the US !!!

    Next time !!! hmm... sochna padega...

  20. my error!! should have phrased that better :)..i was commenting on "the in between love and a blank expression " situation

    the expression a person may expect on the dancer's face, in a strip club may be an expression of fun...play or seductivness...a la our wonderful helen from hindi movies:)))

    never though that you would go all the way to minneapolis with an aim to hit deja vu :)) - not u BMunda !!! :))

  21. Yeah..think so..i never wanted to prove anything to anyone ,neither wanted to change anyone's perception about anything..
    think people ,and may be we ourself took it to a different level ,than expected to be..

  22. yeah - if there is no emotion on the face, a naked body is just like a life less piece of log, and wont ignite any passion...
    but yeah, once gng there and experiencing it firsthand is well worth it, i think.

  23. @ Jyoti...
    :) you bet..

    # Vaishali...
    chal aur jhagda nahin karte... leave it..

    # Anoop...
    Log with legs and boobs :P

    yea... going there once does make sense...

  24. this post is like u speaking my mind,,How i was so bored when i went to strip club..I did not even feel excited, i wanted to sit, relax and have beer,,,and the beer was shit expensive, and i wanted the girls to stay away but they were coming again and again for lap dance,,bahut ch&^%#yap laga.....

  25. reminds me of the fashion show I attended. Totally vacant faces and I simply could not focus on the bodies or the dresses. The trouble was that the vacant faces haunted me for quite a while after that.

  26. # bilbo..

    good to see you here...

    vacant faces yes !! thats what !

  27. Now that would have been very interesting... :)
    I agree with you that its an art... one of the toughest I would say.. but an art nonetheless...

  28. # Pallavi...
    oh yes... very tough !!!