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We are Counting !!!

Breaking news...

5 Blasts in Delhi... and counting...

18 dead and counting...

100 injured and counting...

How many politicians have condemned this? Are we counting?

How many channels have this as the breaking news? Are we counting?

How many hours of effortless masala story we are going to see on TV now? Are we counting?

More than 5 cities in the last one year AND Counting !!!

Looks like we are inviting someone for their capability demonstration in blasting bombs in the least complicated way !!!

Come to a city, plant the bombs, blast them... kill a few people too.. and leave some live so that they can be pulled out before the entire system is questioned... and move to a new city !!! Simple !!!

We are counting !!! We will keep counting !!!

The saddest part is that its some people from us only who felicitate this, and its people from us only who suffer...


  1. Oh man! that's horrible. I hope and pray things get better. God please give some sense to the heartless folks.


  2. unfortunately that's the F*(*(*() truth!!
    The residents of remnant metropolitan(s) should get ready for their turn I guess!!!!!!

  3. Sad state of affairs to say the least. Wonder what a commoner can do :-|

  4. # Kanan...
    Yes this is... I hope so too..

    # Tanu...

    # Sangfroid...
    I am wondering as well :/

  5. Sab kutte hain,,sleep and fill pockets till something like this happpens,,Work for a week-10 days when people are watching,,and then everybody moves to next masala,,except maybe those few who lose life and limb in such instances..

  6. At times it's so frustrating ... hopelessness engulfs our optimism. Just hope... don't know how... but hope things change for the better.

  7. yup sad.. and whn i think that this is done with the help of people inside our country... cant even imagine how their hearts are...

  8. It was Awful..sounded as if a big cylinder had blasted..
    Killing over hundreds of people,spilled with blood,all being stuffed in police vans..A terrible thing to witness..
    And the so called leaders of India ,our POliticians were busy changing their clothes , and our news channels were busy counting them..wonder if these people ever realise how big the impact was..
    News on Channels like Star news after the Bomb Blast - "Shiv Raj Patil changed three pair of clothes in the past 3 hours.."That was a part of the whole "BREAKING NEWS MASALA"

    God please give them some brain..

  9. # Ankur...
    i agree..

    # Subbu...
    haan yaar... but lets see... like i said yesterday, Lagta hai ke kuch change hoga.. kabhi na kabhi !

    # Anoop...
    well... thats a sad truth eh !

    # Vaishali...
    hudd hai ekdum !!!


  10. I feel so damn helpless.

    I feel I wanna write a WILL now, coz i m afraid I will be blown apart..

    Now I wish to have a normal death thats all. :(

    want to be cremated properly and the ashes inthe Ganges in UP.

    how damn slfish.