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Percussions and Strings "Rocking On..."

I have about 30 pictures from my Utah trip uploaded already to a draft post and I was going to write about it tonight, but I just happened to "Rock On"...

Farhan Bhai, aap mahaan ho !!!

Very natural on the screen, and phenomenal on the vocals (though I heard him shaking a lot in the live version of a song from the soundtrack, making me feel that his voice has been digitized)... but still boss, 10 on 10 for you !!!

Arjun Rampal looks good... fits in just where he should be !!!

The cast of the movie looked very carefully chosen... Can I miss talking about the fantastic score by Shankar Ehsaan Loy... one of the finest percussion and strings that I have heard in long time now !!! The way they have used Lead in their music is mind blowing... I am sure I am going to love listening to it full blow with Radha, as soon as I am back... Honestly speaking the lyrics are not really needed at places, because they just go in a different tangent for me.. for example the Song Zehreele... I heard it twice... and the second time, I was only listening to the music... What amazing music !!!! and ditto with Pichle Saath Dino Mein... there are parts of the song, where the vocals interfere with the music and I don't like it, because the vocals are good and so is the music, just were just not going together !

Now I have to look for Du Hast and listen to it soon... ask me for this song if you have not heard it yet !!! but make sure you have good speakers if you are listening to it !!!

Brilliant vocals and acoustics on Phir Dekhiye... and not to miss the lovely piano !!!

I really liked the movie too and it reminded me of my days in college, the green room, the band Nakshatra, the numerous rounds of Sweet Child of Mine, the rock remixes of Altaf Raja, the amazing guitar Solos of Rahut Patrick (The simplest and the best, rather simply the best guitarist I have met), joining Nimisha for her English Solo Competitions, hearing the band practice and just being there enjoying the music, that trip to Pilani with Ankur and Pradeep where we sat in the rock competition and concert for 13 straight hours....

I am not sure if I was watching the movie, or living my college days again in those two something hours of the movie...

Ah !!!!

What a feeling !!! I Yum Loooving Eet !!!

*now listening to Session - Linkin Park !!! yummy !!!


  1. Cool review. Now this will finally make me listen to it. May be watch it too? I guess.

  2. Oh you should... the movie is very well paced and has the right music at the right times !!!

    you will enjoy it for sure !!!

    there are some emotional predictable turns in the movie, but then we can give the writer and the director a break here, looking at how good the music score is, and the performances are in the movie...

  3. Rock on rocks... but i am skeptical abt watching the movie... though i just love the music of it... wouldnt this movie run better with the urban crowd and youngsters... and i think i have surpassed tht age... farhan is a good film maker.. i have almost liked all his movies starting dil chahta hai to don...

  4. ROCKING indeed - brilliant music and awesome movie.

    Murari, did i tell u that i'v already seen it twice since Saturday?? :D Apart from the Music, the dishy rampal was one mighty good reason for the same. ;)

    also agree with most of wat u've written on the castin, story, dreams, music...

    Rock on,

  5. hain na?!!!!!!!!

    i liked it too!! the rock concerts are exhilarating.. i wish, they would do a concert or something here...i would love to go!!

    and the last concert was Amazing, the shot was cool... and to top it all...it was enjoyable!

    the characters were all good... each and every one of them!

    the 2 songs sung by the ladies and the soft number by Fashan and the last concert wala song..are my favs... :)

    bilkul mast... i can bet on notknowing the technical aspect of the songs...but only that.. it is refreshing.... :)

  6. Hi,
    My first time here. Your photos (or other's ) are awesome.

    This movie is yet to be seen, have read great reviews abt it though I ignored reading them before watching the movie. Kuch samajh aaya ? ;)


  7. U won't believe it Om but this true...I was just reading the reviews of Rock on..they were birlliant..i went to manish and told him let's go watch rock on today..but before that, i wanted to reconfirm and kept thinking ..and then thought let me check your blog if incase you have seen it..and here I see a full review...wow..what a coincidence...superb...am gonna watch it this weekend..thanks for the review..

  8. back on this blog after a few days.. works as a medicine and always brings a smile.... keep writing bhai

  9. # Freudian...
    actually do watch it, it is not one of the loud movies which one might not be able to connect with after a certain age, infact is nicely balanced between the periods...

    # Bandri...
    you bet girl !!!

    twice... very nice... I am not sure if I want to watch it the second time, but may be in a theatre I will for the music...

    great we think alike :)

    # veens...
    hai ji hai !!!

    live music is always much better than listening to a live recording !

    the songs by the ladies are good... very good...

    technicality I know a bit because of my association with a band back in college..

    # Cuckoo...
    welcome to chai ki dukaan :) and thanks for the kind words...

    Yea, don't read !!! watch it and make an opinion for yourself :)

    # Mon...
    Its a good movie... some of the music is inspired and picked up from a few tracks that I know, but then changing a chord or two can make a new track :)

    watever said and done, do watch the movie because its going to be amazing in a theatre...

    # Aseem...
    bhai tera comment dekh kar khush ho jaata hoon main hamesha :)

    thanks bro...

  10. Hey..even i was planning to watch it over the weekend..will do it now for sure..the reviews here have been good as well..

    Yeah college days..have been great..great for infact..n for sure Oasis in BITS Pillani is a must visit for all college goers..an amazing feeling..

  11. Got to watch it... heard a few songs so far and liked them. Maybe this weekend...

  12. watched it last week as well..

    nice, consistent and well paced movie
    but music and lyrics did not go well, i felt..

  13. # Vaishali...
    do that... its a nice movie..

    # Subbu...
    haan do that :)

    batana kaisee lagi..

    # Tanu...
    yes... very nicely paced...

    music and lyrics at places were on different tangents like I mentioned in my post... but the music is nice...

  14. just saw it ... and i am in love with Farhan Akhtar... it was awesome...

    Saachi... a good movie after such a long time...

  15. # Neeku..

    good good :)

    he has carried himself very well in the movie... without a doubt !!!

  16. There... I saw the movie:


    Good movie, I liked it.