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A few weeks back, I had written about how I feel about the camera and the person behind it (Read it HERE)... Like I said its not the camera but a photographer that really makes a photograph !!!

What should make my belief get stronger is an initiative by Kshitiz and some of his friends called the Projekt 36. Let me not talk about it much here and dilute your experience, but give you the links to reach the right pages right away :)

Enjoy reading about the concept HERE, and the main page of the Projekt36 Blog HERE !!!


  1. Nice concept - I like it. Are you going to join the team?

  2. I remember the old days when I used to wait and wait till dad gives me his prized Yashica T3 to take some snaps... and then the wait to get the film developed and printed... :) all the best for the project...

  3. Totally agree with "XH"
    still remember those days ,when i used to be excited to see the output of my effort ,unlike today ,where i can check the pics i click immediately..

  4. Sounds interesting and fun.. :) reminds me of the good old days when I used to do this.. :)

  5. Thanks for this publicity Om!

    I am super excited about this project myself!

  6. # Subbu...
    yea, very good one... Not sure yet bro !!

    # Anoop..
    I have done that for years and years :) even started with a fllm slr... so that romance stayed for a long time :)

    # Vaishali...

    # Pallavi...
    I think you are based out of Bangalore right? You should get along with this !

    # Kshitiz..
    all the best bro !!!

  7. 1st time when i saw it i thought it is a freak mistake

    it is sad that you enabled the anonymous-not-allowed-to-comment feature

    it is against the freedom of speech for non abusive commentators

  8. Sorry about that bro, but I do not want to spend any time reading some nonsensical comments here on this page..

    for years I have kept any type of comments open here, but there have been instances where some people just want to write crap standing behind the anony tag !!!

    Let me give it another shot.. removing it now !

  9. sounds kewl...our photography club here did disposable camera events similar to this!!!

  10. fantastic !!!

    I am sure this experiment would be a success !!!

  11. wowzie!! this is great i tell u!

    Go for it!! U r sure good and I guess u can do it!

    Do post the pics, or their links.. I will wach this place for more.

  12. # Veens...
    Not sure about my participation yet :)

    But this is a wonderful thought !