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Japanese American or American Japanese !!!

A few days back I saw a car on the road here, I recognised it and smiled because I feel good if the same models are introduced in India and outside !!! For me that represents a growing India...

Honda Accord, CRV, Civic; Toyota Camri, Corolla; The Chevrolet UVA (Aveo in the US) are exactly the same models !!! nice... Ok, back to the incident !!!

Everything was fine till I saw the logo of the brand, and I was shocked !!!

The car looked like the Chevrolet Optra and it was carrying a Suzuki Logo... Pretty interesting eh !!!

Check out the following links for yourself !!!

I don't see much of a difference !!! Do you?

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  1. I guess its the internals that will be different. Hai na?

  2. Chevrolet Optra = Daewoo Nubira / Lacetti = Suzuki Forenza


  3. Lagta hai Automobile companies bhi nakalchi monkey/copy billi ho gayi hain.. :D

    Checked the above links..yeah all the three cars look the same..

    The cars Daewoo manufactures ,are anyways never a run for their money..so probably this time Daewoo experimented ,and smartly combined the looks of Chevrolet Optra ,with the fuel efficiency of Suzuki..and came up with their own-Daewoo Nubira..lolz..

  4. arre kya karna :S

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  6. # Kashmira...
    I don't really know... if they have an aggrement or something to sell the same car under a different name or something..

    # Subbu..

    Bhai Chery and Daewoo are ok.. because GM is now the mother company for both !!!

    par Suzuki Forenza kahan se aa gai beech mein, ye samajh nahin aaya !!!

    # Vaishali...
    Hyundai has been doing it for years in India !!!

    not a single car that they have produced is an original design !!! I have seen the ditto models under other brands around !!!

    Daewoo is a GM company now, for many years... so I guess they can always use the Chevy things.. Even the Chevy Spark is a updated Daewoo Matiz..

    # Veens...
    out of interest re baba !!!

    @ Artstudio..
    I do not appreciate spam comments please !!!

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  8. "ander ki baat hai.. " :)

    have no idea, not into cars!!

  9. # Cuckoo...
    I checked.. thanks :) will be more than glad to participate !

    I am not too keen on the name/url entry as there were some useless anony comments lately... will see in a few days if I can initiate that again..

    # Tanu..

    no problemo :) i do that just out of curosity :)

  10. The only one I see at a first glance are the tiny signal lights. They're placed differently on both. Otherwise they look pretty similar.

  11. Right, the front side turn lights are on near the front tires on the Forenza... I am not sure about the placing on the Optra though !!!

  12. mere fiat lover bhai :)
    dotn forget GM-Suzuki and Fiat had an alliance cuz of GM having stake in both the companies at one point of time (GM doesnt have any stake in fiat anymore)
    thats how suzuki and GM got MJD engine too........

    btw SX4 is also sold in some european countries and brazil as Fiat model.....

  13. This might be possible... but i am wondering why they would have the same model under a rival badge specially when US is such a competitive market... it takes you a while before you see the same car again on the road here...

    SX4 is also sold in the US as a premium hatchback !!!

  14. GM and Suzuki shares many models. The WagonR we see here used to be sold as Opel Agila (first generation. GM have powertrain and vehicle manufacturing collaborations with Suzuki. So no wonder u see same car with different badging :-D
    ( i think u know the fact that the much praised Swift diesel is using the engine manufactured by Fiat (1.3L Multijet), and earlier generation Zen diesel used peugeot's TUD5 engine)

  15. Thanks bro for the insight :)

    I know about the Swift Engine :) I am a Fiat lover and a dedicated one too :) so I gotta know this :)

  16. some more info - thought u might like this :-)