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Let the kids stop the melting !!!

Targetting kids has been a strategy that ad-makers have been following for a long time now... and I am sure it works, because when a kid decides to get something, it usually is based how impressed (s)he is with what has been told and how it has been told to him !!! 

Conservation is another thing that needs to be sold this way... There are things happening already ( e.g the Smoke on Diwali in Delhi has considerably reduced after the Kids in schools have been told about the pollution and told again and told again )

Looking forward to the schools making a biiiiig difference in the way the world lives today !!!

Amen !


  1. Hahaha :D Calvin is amazing and teaches us so many things while he's at his tricks. Wait until his dad says walking is good for you, it builds characters and muscles too!

  2. I don't want to sound inconsiderate but what about the people who smoke? I think they annually do more damage to the environment than a kid who fires 10-15 crackers. I agree that every little bit helps and this is a united effort from everyone but those smoker freaks need to quit first. I'm sorry I'm just so sick and tired of smokers and their disgusting smoke.

  3. They do make a BIG difference.

    And I second Kannan's view about smokers. If they would stop doing that chain-smoking of their's///

    we could live in better times :-/

    Calvin ..lov ya :*

  4. Yeah..true..you remember those school days when Ahlcon made us take the oath for no smoking and drinking ,and no burning of CRACKERS..that has been the day..I have never even burnt a single flower pot since then..
    See Iam contributing my bit..

  5. I looove Calvin!! :D And yeh, in all the araes, the kids segment is picking up, be it products or even awareness.. I guess its the other way round now, more of kids teaching parents kinda thing..

  6. # Kanan..

    I at times wonder at Bill Waterson... what he has done is nothing less than a miracle with C&H...

    I am waiting :)

    Smokers yes !!! There are things happening about that too.. I remember watching an ad on doordarshan where an unborn child talks to his smoking father about how bad she feels when he smokes and all !!!

    But then we all know how Doordarshan works... The campaign died down !!!

    I guess there is a ban on smoking in public places in India to be enforced from the 2nd of October, lets see how good that words now !!
    # Veens
    yes they do :)

    We sure could...


    # Vaishali...
    Ahlcon did?

    wow !!! I don't even remember doing it.. I must have kept silent when I was supposed to speak that oath :P

    No burning of crackers is good...
    keep it up

    # Sam...
    so do I :)

    you are right, its the kids that teach their parents a thing or two these days :)

  7. Well.... whatever it takes to address these issues. There are many things which should be targeted at children: most adults in India are devoid of any civic sense!

  8. # Subbu...
    sahi bol raha hai bhai !!!

  9. If one has to make a permanent difference it only has to be and can be done through a kids mind.. to a kid :)

    look what reading Calvin has done to you :), :P

  10. hehehehe...
    very true ji very true !!!

  11. Nice one. Convince the kids, they will convince/force their parents any which way, by hook or by crook :)

  12. Exactly...

    lets hope things change for good :)