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ME in eapolis !

The last couple of weeks I decided to just give myself a break from traveling and thought of exploring the city I am in ! Minneapolis !!!

A walk around in the downtown, looooong walk around a lake and sunset at another followed !

Enjoy the few photographs below, while I think of how to write more !

The mushroom, everyone wanted to look at, in color :)

One of many parking lots in Downtown Minneapolis... Walking around the place you would feel that you are in a large parking area only !!! every building has a private parking lot and will cost you anything between $8 to $20 for an 8 hour parking ! Very Expensive !

The reflection of the building in the one next to it was pretty interesting to look at... and hence the picture...

Interesting patterns the glass of water had !!!

Having only one pair of jeans helps a lot... they get roughed up and fade in a way that you fall in love every time you wear them :) or take a picture of them :) And yes this is the only pair that I have !!!

Leftovers from my breakfast :D

Inside of one of the malls in the downtown !

And flowers !!! Something that I don't think I do justice to !!! I do not like taking such regular pictures and posting them !!! I do try to do different things while presenting flowers that i click. Check out some flowers that I have clicked HERE.

Yeah, another one of the flower pictures... I should say they were very very beautiful to see and I am happy that I have some real nice colors !

An old Pontiac !!! screaming to be clicked !!! This would go up on Flickr sometime soon too !

Yupp.... different treatment to color !!!

Even the regular wild grass has the capability to look beautiful if seen properly !!!

I loved the color patterns on these !

Time for the birds to head back home !!!

I really like this one !!! that sail in the extreme left top is something that I am very happy about !!!

More to follow soon !!! Get bored with this post first :)


  1. Yayy, I like the coins! And the pontiac. Its really awesome!

  2. Old Pontiac is kewllllll no, Gold :)

  3. I miss the midwestern Fall colors! :(

  4. Lovely lovely pics ! I like the last one water the best. Tilt works

  5. Lovely lovely poics...seriously!!!

    out of wrds:)))

  6. lovely colors... love the Pontiac, mushroom,sky,flowers.. well, like them all :-D

  7. cant tell u which one is my FAV


    ohh r u not bored of hearing me say that :(


  8. I seriously opened a notepad while browsing through your pics to jot down the ones i like..but i kinda like all of them..a varied collection of pics..all so beautiful and unique in their own way..

    But the favourite still remains the one ;with a glass full of water,coins,flowers and the wild grass..oops too many to be favourite ,rather favourites..

    Amazing work Prashant!!

  9. # kashmira..
    the pointiac was really good !!!

    # Tanu... youbet..

    # Solitaire...
    i might just get an opportunity to see some before i head back home !

    # Chakoli...

    # Gaurav..

    # Deepak..
    thanks bro..

    # Anoop...
    thanks bro...

    # Veens..
    :0 hehhe.. no i am not till you say all the good things about me !!! I am just human !!

    # Vaishali...
    hehehe... glad you liked them all !!!

  10. I like the last one... its as if diamonds sprinkled on water... amazing =)

    want more now !

  11. ickass kickass kickass- i love your eye :)

  12. Nice :)
    My favorites are reflection on the building and yellow flower.

  13. # Neeku...

    more coming soon... as of now enjoy the post by Nida :)

    # Vinneeee the pooh..
    thanks thanks thanks...

    main ye aankh nahin dunga :)

    # Kanan...


  14. I like b/w wala fungi bettah Om...and the glass image is nicey as well...enjoy ur stay :)

  15. # Reeta...

    Yea the B/W has its own charm... plus this image here was not edited at all...

    thanks... am enjoying it yes :)

  16. Amazing !!!!!!!!:)
    Pontiac was just Awe!!!

  17. Thanks Meenu...

    welcome to Chai ki Dukaan

  18. beautiful, beautiful shots btw,.....I think I'm going to be a regular on your blog now :)

  19. Thanks Shilpa... would be more than glad to have you around !!