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Why can't some people chew with their mouths closed?

I think that sound is a top contender for the most irritating sound on this planet !!!

ugh !!!


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  2. Totally totally agreed..

    but have you ever come across people ,who bother others by sipping their cuppa tea in saucers making that pesky noise..

    The worlds most annoying noise indeed!!!!

  3. Yes I have...

    par chai ki pyaali se aaawaz karne ka competition hota thaa mere group mein...

    as a usual habit i would dread to do that...

  4. and why don't THEY hear what we hear? ughhh!!!

  5. I have no idea !!!

    but imagine this...

    a dinner table, two people, one talking on the phone in a local language ( which I don't understand) and eating food with one hand and making the absurd sounds while chewing food !!! yukk !!!

    and the next morning... having cereals, and doing the slurrping sounds while have the cereal with the spoon..

    hudd hai i swear !!!

  6. Arre wah..
    crazy you..

    Hahaha..know where this is going..bad thing for the poor guy..iam sure if he comes across and reads it..he will get the link..

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  8. It is because they don't know. They've never tried to eat with closed mouth before. :) Sacchi mein!

    I remember the day I came to the US and my aunt trained me for the table-manners. I didn't know of things because I was never told.

    Wish there was a nicer way to say this kind of stuff without offending people, specially if they're older to us.

    I got to admit, every once in a while I do find those chai slurps fun to hear, specially when they're coming from the saucers that hold tiny cups. :D

  9. # Vaishali...
    i wonder who is the poor guy here !

    crazy me !!! well... thats usual for anyone who had ever had chai in a kullhad or a tea plate..

    # Kanan...
    is it? wow !!!

    table manners is one thing... eating properly is another... i don't eat on the table back home, but on the bed or the floor or anywhere for that matter, but somethings are like, PHEW !!!

    chai slurps are fun once in a while, but hearing that sound over and over again and over again... nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin....

  10. its one of my pet peeves too... i hate when some people do that ... uggh !

  11. u knw what... wen i tell my daddy.. to NOT make that noise.. he will knowingly make that noise to irritat me and anyone around :-/

    and then there is this guy, whose jaw is broken or something and that makes noise...and that actually is Funny :D

    i got used to it sahi main...lekin.. i dnt make that noise :D

  12. @ Veens...
    daddies etc is ok re... they have been doing it for life... and there is not point even trying to change them...

    I am talking about so called young people !!! ugh again ugh

  13. Prashant, yup, that's all included when I said table manners, the eating and behaving while we do so. :) But honestly, it is an art, this eating.

    Like Veens said, when we are all extended family getting together all the dads are like that and so I am one of the kids who forgives them and joins & mocks along with them. :P I totally can imagine the annoyance though. I become one of those people if my patience is tested.

  14. What do we do with such people? Defame them on our blogs to start with.... any more ideas?

  15. Narang ki RD350 ka silencer moonh mein ghusa dete hain !!!

  16. I know that "chomp" "chomp" u are talking about...

    silencer.. laga dena chahiye ...

  17. that is not the chomp chomp... that is the most irritating sound i guess !!!

  18. Totally ughhh hain yeh toh!

    there is another set of specie - who gorge on chola-bhatura with hands and then rub the same set of hands on someone's cheek!!

    wat say about them?? :P

  19. Abe to Chole Bhature Fork/Knife se khane chahiye kya?

    Aur wo to pyaar se kiya thaa :P