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TwO gUyS, a GirL, aNd a PizZa pLaCe !!!

Prarthna was the elder of the two daughters at home, which meant she had to be the one taking up more responsibilities, being the one who is following the right path and hence be an example for the younger sister who was about 10 years younger to her. Prarthna was an intelligent student and was very focussed and dedicated towards things she wanted to achieve in life. The restrictions at home, the people around ensured that she stayed back home after school or college or work and spent time doing things, which most of the girls in today’s metropolitan life run and shy away from.

Kabir had been through similar phases in life, but at this point in time was a much more independent person. He had been through his bad phases and good phases of life and these days was enjoying a satisfying bachelor’s life with a good job in hand. But something inside him used to keep pinching him all the time. He had been through a very bad relationship, and had made up his mind not to get into another ever. And at the same point of time knew that he needed someone to share his days with. Kinda confused guy he was about having someone in his life or not.

Utkarsh, on the other hand was a person who was a very good human being and he did not realise that a lot of people like him for what he had with him. He used to be sad about things that he noticed that were not with him. He was working in a good firm with good prospects and was working towards getting better there as well looking for better opportunities these days. Also Utkarsh was a college mate of Kabir. These two guys knew each other for over 4 years now but they had never sat down and discussed themselves or their lives as friends... acquaintances we can say they were...

Kabir met Prarthna through internet; initially they were using only emails. And Emails which were pages long, coz for some reason, both Prarthna and Kabir were pouring out to each other through this channel.

Then one day this happened:
Kabir went to Meerut for a family function where for some reason he had to be connected to the internet and there she was Prarthna, online on a messenger screen...Happy and excited Kabir said a Hi to her to which there was a prompt reply. This was just coincidence that both of them were online at the same time. And this is when Kabir gave her his phone number and asked her to call him up once he was back in Delhi.

She called but the first conversation was on the best conversation they had...Kabir was busy with his work and he did not want to keep the phone down either, Prarthna as usual had a lot of words to share this time too... And then Kabir fell ill... too bad a state he was in, and Prarthna with her phone calls kept him going. He started liking her for her thoughts, and respecting her more then liking her for whatever he was learning about her, and about the a lot of things which was knew existed but had not seen or felt. He became a li’il better and could work on his computer now, which meant that he could talk to Prarthna the entire day through the net which he did...

Utkarsh also came to know Prarthna during this while, from Kabir and started liking her. Infact by this time, both Utkarsh and Kabir were in love with Prarthna, and she was good friend of both of them. Kabir and Utkarsh were getting to be good friends too these days... and with time Prarthna developed emotions (which can be labelled as love towards Kabir)
So basically leaving Kabir happier, and Utkarsh sad again... coz of one more thing that he did not have. A classic love triangle this was becoming. Also Kabir and Utkarsh were able to talk about this situation freely with each other which was the good part, but this left a very hollow feeling with Kabir, as he started thinking would things have been different between Prarthna and Utkarsh if he was not there.

While these three were trying to cope up with their own emotional baggage, Prarthna got a job offer in Australia which she could not miss as she had been working for it for a lot time and finally she got the opportunity. 45 days left for Prarthna to join the firm and 45 days left for this classic love story to turn the way destiny had planned.

Utkarsh wanted to get out of his frame of mind, and move on...which was difficult coz after ages he had really felt for a girl like he was feeling for Prarthna. He was expressive and vocal about his feelings and in a way that wa very hard for any girl to avoid... Kabir on the other hand was a very demanding boyfriend... but he also loved Prarthna a lot and I guess the time that he was able to spend with her, made her get inclined towards him.

Prarthna had to go to Australia in a few days... she loved Kabir and really liked Utkarsh. The feelings were distinct and different. She knew Utkarsh loved her, but she could not love him back...but for what Utkarsh was, he was someone worth loving a lot; this is something that Kabir felt!!! Prarthna was going away...to return in 4 years... Kabir knew that he could not leave the thought of Prarthna, but the reality of life was that he had to let go...

All three of these friends had to let go...Kabir had to let go his love, and he knew that he would have to get married in another year to girl his parents choose for him, Utkarsh had to let go his love too, first because she loved his friend, and then again because she was going away. Prarthna had to let go her love, coz she knew that she had to be out of her country for 3 years, and her contract said that she could not marry before her project finishes.

Kabir would be back to his previous self after Prarthna goes, with a pain inside his heart, and a hollow inside his soul...

Utkarsh would continue living life the way he always left, with fond memories of his love, and the love he could not get...

Prarthna would go away from her family, her friend, her love alone in a country, where she would be doing what she always wanted to...

Is love supposed to leave you like this!!! Who would tell...?

Why is this story Named: TwO gUyS, a GirL, aNd a PizZa pLaCe !!!
B’coz Prarthna, Utkarsh and Kabir, all three of them were together in front of each other only once... In Nirula’s (The pizza Place)


  1. real story...omg...red

  2. It can either be reality or a story !!!

    But what is written above is something that all of us have felt or lived at some point of time or other !!! So basically cannot really call it reality... not completly fiction either !!!

  3. me PAwz// lost ma blogger password .so postin with this ..

    umm. no gyan on this .. heart renderin. has helped put things in a perspective for me.. what else can i say but i think its the toughest for da girl.. who is leavin behind everythin .. as u said.

    on second thoughts.. ask me how it feels to manage a long distance relationship .. its very very very tuff d00d. there are external forces which anyway wudnt have let u be and then my dear prashant it wud have bin all the more tuff and difficult ..

    fact is these things happen.. reality is this. wont say much. already blabbered mindlessly a lot ... god bless all those involved :)

  4. Its L I F E…isn’t it…
    Jus Goes on…. & on…& on…

  5. and Utkarsh must have wondered in his heart as to why did he became a reason for giving Kabir a reason to wonder abt his absence and as to why he did and would have pained Prarthna in some way