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tUrNiN bAcK !!!

Last post written last year... first post on the 2nd day of this year... a lot has happened in the last year to me... i think i have really grown both professionally and personally this year 2004... not too sure where to start from though....

2-Jan 2003 is when i gave my last interview with Hughes and joined it on the 6th of Jan... last year on the 6th i realised that the one year i had spent as a tech. support specialist and then a team leader gave me so many opportunities to learn and grow... which i was able to cash on.... also 2003 gave me a relationship that i will regret for the rest of my life... anyway.. that had started around august (i guess in 2003) and came a tragic end which involved a lot of anger, frustration, tears, lossing out on professional respect, and 100 other things.... i finally took on a new job in april 2004 and moved on... from the relationship as well as Hughes...Out of the call centre industry.. what a relief for ppl who still associate call centres with only and only night outs, short skirts, booze, fags, and sex.... but i know that this industry made me look at the most professional of careers... where you do not judge ppl by how they look but completely by how they perform... its my data that speaks from me...and if it speaks well.. then sky is the limit... anyway.. out of the call centre industry and into the IT industry and as Team Lead tech support with a firm called Mantas.... if i write what they used to do.. its great to read it... Mantas develops and maintains softwares which track fraudulant behaviour in the telco and the finance industry.. and it had great clients too... but i did not fit in.... too technical for me.. seems that i had lost the inclination towards tech. during the last 3 years of my work.... anyway... IBM happened in 2004 august and i left mantas... The work that i am doing now.. finally makes me feel that i am on the right track and there is a long way to go....

Ok... lets do this... lemme list all that i can remember of what happened in 2004 for me.. with me.. to me.. by me... not necessarily
in this order !!!
- Completed 1 year in Hughes Software Systems BPO on 6th Jan.
- Complete 25 years of my life in this world on 10th April.
- Got out of the most painful relationship in the first quarter of the year.
- Travelled to Amritsar, went white water rafting, went to kasauli, shimla, jaipur, bhimtal etc.
- Moved out of the call centre industry.
- Moved into the IT industry.
- Left two jobs and joined two as well :)
- Bought my first guitar.
- Bought my first AC.
- Bought a lotta keychains... i guess the total that i have now is around 130.
- Virat opened his furniture showroom in Faridabad.
- Ankur Wahal left HCL Bpo and joined PWC.
- Narang got promoted to the post of an Assistant Manager (read MOD).
- I went thru one of the worst times of my life.. had chicken pox... what a painfull time that was...- But during that time i started talking to someone, who i never knew would become so special for me...
- I met one of my email friends, who is a perfect example of beauty with brains...
- Apan dono bought a lappie for her.
- I started working with ppl who had more experience the my total age :)
- Made a few good friends...rediscovered some of the old ones and graduated to being a friend with them from just a known guy....
- First time in my life thought of moving out of india to work.- Got face to face with serious talks about me getting married now (blush blush)
- Seriously thought about getting married and then got really scared over the thought.
- I think i am in love again.. not writing fell in love.. coz i really do not think that i fell...
- I started writing blogs.... - I think 2004 helped me clear certain doubts about life and helped me look at ppl from a new.. not completely new.. but still a new
perspective... i have started appreciating ppl for whatever good they have.. and not really look at the negatives.. till the time they really come ahead and show that side of theirs...
- I have become a more firm believer in God.

i am not sure if i have been able to recall everything that happened... i would really like to thank the Upar Wala that he gave me this year to live..... and thank everyone who has been associated with me in some form or the other for everything they did for me... they did not do for me...against me...to me whatever :) coz if it had not happened.. i would have been a different person which i am sure i would not have liked.

may be continued......

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  1. this year turned out to b memorable to someone else too..thnaks for makin it good for this person to remember...wish every New year of urs..turns out to b happier than the previos one...