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nOtHiNg !!!

Is it really necessary to write something in a post... i am not really feeling like writing anything about anything today.... just how the day went...
busy in the first half... talked to a couple of friends in the second... aise hi nikal gaya din... there are times when nothing special might happen in a day of yours and at the end of it.. you think why... could you have done anything other then what you did you make that day special... or can you live the coming day any differently to make it better...

dunno if you can really plan your coming days... i just hope that the coming days bring smile and happiness in everyone's lives !!!!


  1. could you have done anything other then what you did to make that day special... no u could'nt ..but u can do somethin MORE than and not OTHER than what u did to make the day special....or mayb u can think upon all that u did and then think if that was special..sometimes simple things turn out to mke the day so special and we don't even realise...i believe everyday we conciously or unconciously do do somethin to make the day special...no???
    today or rahter y'day someone paid an honest compliment to someone and did not get a deserving acknowledgement in return..rahter got somethin he really did not deserve..so did prashant do somethin special..yes...did the other person respect it..mayb not...but does that lessen the beauty and sincerity of the compliment that prashant wished to pay..no!...so did prashant do anythin special to make the day special..ohh yes he did!!........look for such small unnoticed ..unappreciated things and u'll realise how special u made every day..for urself or may b for someone else..