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RaDhe rAdHe !!!

And Ladies and Gentlemen this is my CAR... Radha :) The fotograf was clicked in the parking lot of Dilli Haat

this foto becomes special to me for a number of reasons actually...
1) I am there :)
2) It has Radha
3) This is her first ever foto on the net

and last but not the least...

This has been clicked by one of the most special friends i have... Thank you Neha for this special and amazing foto.. and do not forget to thank chachi for the camera as well..

please welcome my car... a not so new but still shining Fiat Palio 1.2 NV Sport...mmmmmmmmmmuah to my chamko Posted by Hello


  1. u looking hand some !! but ur red car is looking betta than u

  2. hummn...shd we look at u or the car!!!!!...kissi ko compliments mile hain ..'handsome'!!!! oye hoye!!!
    i always liked clickin pictures but i almost loved myself for clickin this one for u...tumko itta excited dekh kar..itta khush dekh kar..wonder if this could qualify as one of the best gifts i could ever give u..is radha lucky or what to b loved soooo much..that all others seem non-existent!!!!!
    wonderful pic..not coz i clicked it..(not only !!!hehehe) but coz its u n ur love in this pic...ur firstest car ..ur greatest love!!!!!..everyones' envy prashants' pride!!!....

  3. Radha to lucky hai hi... after all i am with her... and i love her so much.. par Neha dear.. tum bhi kam lucky nahin ho !!! after all you got a chance to be in the history books for this foto !!!

    Thanks again for this foto.. it does qualify as one of the best gifts that you have given me :)

  4. how much i want to drive "prashant's" radha :D

    but both are shining nonetheless for obvious reasons, and people are happy, someone for getting the photo clicked, someone for clicking it and someone to realise that he can get radha for himself for some time :D

  5. mast maal... ;) rapchik hain boss..
    shaadi ka daheej to nahi hain yeh!

    take care of ur sweetie!

  6. Nahin bhai.. shaadi ka dahej nahin hai yeh.. tere bhai ne khud mehnat karke kharidi hai.. khoon paseene ki kamai se.. tabhi to laal rang ki hai :)

  7. hey i can see your umadta hua pyaar for Radha!:)
    i wanted to comment on the next pic but the comments space there is full of beautiful words that are special so didn't want to butt in there.
    hmm....u look quite different in these pics yaar.and so much happier.why don't you change your pic in the profile here and on orkut??itne serious lagte ho us pic mein...jaise abhi kaatne ko aaoge!i mean its a good pic but these other ones are better.
    hope you don't mind the frankness...

  8. and you know who you look like...there's this guy in D-School who comes in my U-Special.only,he wears specs and u don't.some resemblance and what connections!

    not that it makes a diff to you...but it just struck me so i said it.