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eXpEcTaTiOnS !!!

Isn't life all about expectations and not getting what you really need and getting what you not need at times.... i am today writing in a real pessimistic mood... so what i am writing today is something that might or might not be entirely true... but maybe it is the truth... but are we as human beings completely responsible for what happens.. or the intentionally or unintensionally the situations make us do what we are doing... and when we are a part of that situation... we just think about our side of the entire story and not really try to look at what the other person might be feeling or going through...

dunno what i am writing...but i guess i had to take it out of my system.. which i did... does it make sense... i guess not... or maybe it does...


  1. expectations. they have killed me !!!
    actually i m drunk and out right now so jus writin what i feel right without too much ado . ummm i think if i do somethin, if i work for somethin .. expectations are bound to creep in. true they hurt, true they paim.. bit without them life is meaningless. they are the hopes u build around ppl ... they are the dreams u weave around the things ... << like i expected to see ya?!?!?!?! >>>>

  2. hmm spoke really harshly today. expectations they say.. kill. they actually do. dunno why i did expect. anyway. u have another life in this zero sum game .. i aint pissed .. i m jus disappointed with myself for the want of not keepin my own emotions to my self. and givin anyone else{{and thats not derogatory}}the chance to hurt me .. will work on it in the future.. actually i know i wont .. so till the next time u commit a SIN like this ... i m bak :)