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CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS !!!

This is about me and my blog... something that started in September 2004...my first blog... here is what I wrote...

I would like to trigger a discussion on how life treats us and how it should be treated...when do we take risks in terms of education, jobs, and when is the right time for trying to settle down...when do you think money would drive discussions about changing jobs and when we start looking for a job if we are now looking for a profile change.. maybe more responsibilities.. and so on....

When I read today.. I am like... what was I thinking when I wrote this... was the entire world waiting for me to start writing or what... :) I am smiling today on what I wrote on the 15th of September...but seems that I have come a long way from there...my need to depend on people for my emotional outbursts has reduced...I feel more independent emotionally now, more stable and also I feel that there are a few friends like Tushar, Pawan, Neha, Aarti, Vimita, Raina and a few more who are reading my blog but I am not aware of would be able to know what I am upto always.. So basically we keep in touch directly or indirectly.

I do not know where each of us is heading...but still I feel that I am doing that li’il which would keep me close to my friends... God bless them all!!!

Now why I really am writing this post... to congratulate myself on complete a 1000 visitors J I am not sure if about 50% of these visits are mine... but still that leaves me with 500 visits to my page J and I am really happy for myself...Actually I am feeling as if I am getting the attention that I always want!!! and thanks to everyone who reaches this page... by mistake or intentionally...spends a minute or more reading what is written...or closes the window...feels like commenting on what I have written...or ignores me thinking that I am one more of those stupid freaks who is completely confused in life...I reached the count of a 1000 visits...What follows is a break of what has been happening on this page since November 17:

Total: 1028
Average per Day: 20
Average Visit Length: 4:45

I am happy!!!


  1. hey buddy, u know wat, i was the exact 1000th visitor to your page ;-)

    i loved it too, God Bless ya

  2. Congratulations
    Not only your posts are full of substance but the comments here too….
    Keep writing.... :)

  3. Thanks Ankur...
    Its good to have ppl like you reading what i am writing... i am still learning to see life frm a different perspective and everyone who leaves a thought here on my blog is adding to my value as a person...
    Can't thank you enough !!!!

  4. Pleasure is all mine!!!
    Keep learning. …Keep writing

  5. bang!!!!!!!!!!!

    its me ! nice to see u have got 1000 hits. nice to know. nice to read the comments .. nice to see that my friends visit ur blog.. nice to see u narcissitic self bloatin abt this stupid thing << naah ! really . coool thing and u are trackin it too since i think nov 17th . kewl>>>

    bahut ho gaya . i m writin all crap. unusual for me ,i know but theek hai pyaar mein kabhi kabhi ,, congratulations once again . :)

    me crazy me