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GOD !!! tHiS iS fOr YoU !!!

a day someday i want from you
when i live my entire life and a day too

with her holding me tightly
with her whispering in my ears
with her telling me she loves me
with her wiping away my tears

i know that day will come someday
i know that day will bring smile to my face
i know that you have to be fair to me
i know that day you will set me free


  1. very beautiful lines...wishing u loads of love,success and happiness in 2005...btw i have a thing common with u and am not gonna disclose it...take care.zilch

  2. Shukriya :)
    Waise what is common.... please bata do :)

  3. hmmm beautiful lines hmmm as some one said.. for the first time i m seein u gettin so mushy :) good good! bherry bherry good. love is love;s own reward ... so leep lovin :) even if it doesnt come ur way u have nothin to lose. love has that magnificent ability to stretch , absorb and reflect. and it surely reflects on u ,, and in ur voice:) STAY THE SAME

  4. i know that she will be there
    with her memories am waiting here
    i know i wont be able to wait
    with her away and this lifeless state
    i know i would want to run away
    with her i wish i may stay
    i know it is what she wont want
    with her so far even sunshine haunt

  5. oops that was me - *** - snowflake

  6. Very very beautifully written... Snowflake.. very neat !!!

  7. May God listen to ur prayer...

  8. I'm praying for you!

    i'm sure u'll definitely get what you want.