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wOrK hArD PaRtY hArDeR !!

Ok, I am back again with some more things that i wanted to write about..these are about me and what is happening to me.. 29th evening i spent with bhoomi and her friends.. rather our friends.. though i met one of these guys for the first time.. and Vandu, the other gal in the group of 4, was always pissed with me.. right after and during the time when mine and Bhoomi's relation was in the storm and then went for a toss... so i was kinda afraid talking to her and meeting up with her.. but it was better then i expected.. though felt a li'il out of place at times when these guys were talking about things that i did not have a clue about..it was a great evening.. went to Dilli Haat... one of my favorite places, and then after having some lite snacks there and strolling around.. we moved to Delhi's Devils.. had drinks, mocktails to be precise, danced for a while on the Hip-Hop music that the Dj was playing...it was a Hip-Hop night actually.. but it still did not stop me from doing some bhangra steps on the similar hip-hop beats.. i might have looked stupid but then we were only three of us dancing there.. me, vandu and bhoomi.. so basically it was great fun.. One of Bhoomi's friends, did not come, who we actually were waiting for.. he is the guy Bhoomi is kinda interested in.. marriage and all those things you see... how sweet !!! so we danced. we drank.. we talked.. and then moved to Eatopia, the great restaurant in IHC, Lodhi road... had chinese there and it was already 2300 hours when we left from there...so we rushed... had Meetha Pans @ chanakya, the place all three of us used to frequently visit a few years back...then dropped Vandu, then Sumit and finally bhoomi.. and i reached home by 0030 hours.. slept well that night.. it was great meeting a group which was so much fun loving, and had great friends..

Will meet them again sometime asap !!!

this weekend.. gotta take care of a few things in the new car.. and then maybe go out for a drive with mom-dad on sunday.. lets see how it materialises... my relatives would be looking at the new car for the first time.. lets see their reactions.. well most of them, and the world looks down upon this car because they think its too bad on mileage... but they do the mistake of comparing with the smaller Wagon Rs and the Santros. It officially comes with a seating capacity of 4+1 as compared of 3+1 in the other cars... then has bigger tyres and an engine which is about 100cc more then them, the kerb weight of the car is about 250 kg more then the Wagon and the Santro... The comfort, safety, space, feel good factor.. its just zooms past the Wagon R and the Santro.. Can i ask for more.. yes a few compliments may be.. hehehehehehe
Happy Weekend !!!

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