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HaPpY NeWs !!!

A couple of things to write about today...
First about one of the best NEWS of 2004 !!! No no .. i am not talking about Veerappan being killed in an encounter... Duh !!! Time to get into a meeting with Rajat... Lemme continue later !!!

Ok... i am back.. Good meeting.. What was i saying.. about a news.. and this is not about Veerappan getting killed in that encounter.. well to be frank.. i am happy that he is dead.. but coming back to the news that i was talking about.. before that i would like to give a brief history of the events to happen and the way they happened...

August 21' 2001: I reached Spectramind's delhi office to join as a Technical Support Associate and the person who entered the office with me was Deepayan Nag... We got introduced ourself.. talked more.. and found out that we just might be on our way towards a great friendship... Which happened... ok.. after our initial induction session for three days.. the entire batch of the new 120 ppl had to be divided into 4 groups for training.. we were hoping that we stick around in the training too and that happened... we did our 6 weeks training together.. and made our trainer Amrita Sharma look pathetic thanks to the kinda knowledge that we carried with us.. and then we had great VnA sessions with Pooja who was our trainer... Anyway.. by the end of our training we were three friends no Four... Me Deepayan Charu and Renuka Shekhar who used to hang out together... graduated to the operations floor and started working hard towards our individual career goals.. the way Dips used to handle calls was completely different from the way i used to .. and we had major arguments about that too at times...
With time we drifted apart, with our individual career interests and opportunities.. but managed to keep in touch.. during that time Deepayan and Renuka, used to spend a lot of time together.. and that time and togetherness kept on taking shape and they yesterday gave me THE NEWS that i had been waiting for !!!
Deepayan getting engaged to Renuka on the 11th of November.
I am really happy for both of them.. just the perfect couple.. Renu and Deepu.. i love both of them and i am not able to understand their kids would call me Mama or Chacha :) but whatever happens.. this is one wedding that i was expecting and is bringing a a lot of happiness in my life too..

Looking forward to Dipayan and Renuka spending their lives together.. happy today and ever after !!!

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  1. good luck and may god bless them..............there are very few ppl jo doosron ki kushi mein apni kushi dhoondhte hain............and u are one of those few....