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Getting Serious about writing now !!!

What next... what do i write about.. i guess i am kinda happy about the kinda ppl that i am meeting @ Orkut... there is so much common in the thought process of some of them and mine... but at the same time, i feel that they are intellectually ahead of me.. why am i thinking that way.. another school of thought is that i have wasted a lot of time watching TV, when i could have read something or written something, or for that matter talked to someone who was like minded or otherwise...i see so much of refined writing these days which is so close to the day to day life that i feel that i should do something to improve.. now the question comes what do i need to do to improve... or do i really need improvement... well i guess i might not... as i might be good at what i do.. and am respected and regarded.. and at the same time.. i also beleive that i am at some stage of evolution and am growing towards more maturity everyday.. which would make me learn from everyone around and the circumstances... will write more.. gotta go back to work right now..

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