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Well here is what happened to me yesterday when i was @ Haldiram's Mathura road in the evening... I went there to get some snacks for home on my way back home... When I entered i saw a girl standing there... did not really look what she looked like.. but the way she was standing there on the gate made it very obvious that she was waiting for someone.. Something inside me said that I should stop and say a hi to her, but then i was in a hurry and I moved on... bought my stuff which took about 20 minutes and while I was moving out.. i saw her back again !!! there she was standing.. still waiting for someone !!! well again i wanted to talk to her.. but was afraid how would she react to it.. and that is why i ignored my very strong urge to get into a conversation and moved out.. started the car and was driving on the lane in front of Haldirams to get back to the main road, and this time she was not there.. i thought that the person she was waiting for had arrived... and she had either left or was inside.. or something.. but the very next second I saw her walking at the side of that service lane.. still waiting... third time I felt like talking to her.. but dunno why the thought made me very nervous... and i decided to move ahead.. while i was driving past her.. i saw here turning and looking at me.. first time our eyes met... and i realised that she was very pretty... and was looking at me in my eyes... for a short second I looked at her and her eyes had a story to tell.. she had been waiting for a long while.. which i knew and her eyes were really sad that the person had not yet come... I felt that if I had gone ahead and talked to her.. it would not have offended her.. but instead given her some comfort and company which she was waiting for... not from me ofcourse, but from the person who she was waiting for... Anyway.. i kept driving.. dunno if her eyes followed me or not, but i knew that it was a lonely person (for that moment) that i left behind...


  1. I still remember that day !!!

    some old post you have picked up to comment !!! :)

  2. hmm...soncha chai ki dukaan ko thoda explore karlun :)