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my thoughts from Orkut.. compiled here.. about community service !!!

Ideas Opinions Plans Objectives 10/7/2004 11:07 PM
Thanks Richa for starting this thread !!!
This is what I have been thinking for doing for a while.. The Traffic around sector-18 is a mess on Weekends.. I would like to assist the Traffic Police in regulating the traffic around the red-lights... and inside the sector-18 market... The other day I saw an old man on the Atta red light with a lot of handouts and a small Mike with him.. and he was making sure that the ppl were stopping at the Red light.. they were behind the Stop Line.. were wearing seat belts... I used to see some students taking up a similar task in Delhi a few years back.. but I guess they stopped somewhere... If this can be done in NOIDA the busier of the CrossRoads.. I feel we can make a difference.. Does not take anything but some commitment and time !!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
In for it !!! 10/8/2004 2:01 AM
Great Idea Neha..
No offence but this is something that needs a lot of preperation and time which I doubt how many ppl would be able to part with...

i am just trying to list down the things that we need to start moving ahead:~ Identify areas we need to work in.~ Locate the children and then seek permission from their parents to gather them in a group and teach.~ As we understand we cannot make a difference in a day, we need to monitor how many of the children who started off are continuing. Which might translate into chasing them or their parents and convincing them to stay in that classroom. We are not looking at spending that one hour in some weekend.. It means that one hour every weekend for dunno what time frame...~ Gather books, stationary and material to facilitate the cause. Also roster your sessions...

I do not see all the above points necessary as hurdles but as things which need to be worked at with a lot of patience and time. and to be very frank. all this seems mammoth till we have a big group...
Let's brain storm and find ways to work it out in the most efficient way !!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
(*_*) 10/8/2004 5:04 AM

hmm...Rohit that is a good input.. we have to learn and educate from our past experiences.. What Neha talked about makes a lot of sense.. but that requires the kinda effort that weekend community service might not be able to give...
I am sure with our inclination and commitment towards making a change.. we sure will reach somewhere.. might not reach poor children or slums.. but somewhere jahan hum kuch kar ke dikha saken.. there is a lot of energy and time that we have.. and if used properly can make a difference...
What i would suggest folks is think of things which we as a youth brigade can take up... We might like to start with focussing on the simiar age group itself and so called educated ppl who have with time forgotten that they also have some responsibilies towards the environment and the city they live it..in addition to the families they are supporting and the friends they go out with

Kuch zyada bol gaya kya !!! Maffi chahta hoon..
(*_*) 10/15/2004 3:07 AM

In sector-19 i get a paper called Neighbourhood Watch every week... i was reading that paper today and found a news item about some NGOs getting together for Child Welfare.. Something similar to what Neha mentioned.. the NGO in NOIDA doing this is "Nai Disha" or something.. i will try to find out more and post it here !!!!

(*_*) 10/27/2004 9:05 PM

here is what I have been thinking for a long time...
Everyone who talks about community service, only talks about doing something for the under privileged children, teaching them and all the things.. which i respect and appreciate. But how many times do we think about ppl who are educated, a part of the so called high society and still act like idiots. examples:
1) Wrong parkings in busy market places (anyone who has visited sector-18 should have noticed this)
2) Driving like maniacs (ditto for sector-18)
3) No respect for traffic signals (in NOIDA especially)
4) No respect for traffic rules ( again in NOIDA especially)
I have seen myself cursing and cribbing all the time when i move in a market area about these things but have i made any effort to see if this can be taken care of... NO !!!

My idea of doing something for the society would be join hands with the authorities and make them realise that the most important part of this society, The Youth, is with them and is more then willing to work with them to help realise their mission.
I do not know if anyone would agree.. but doing something that everyone is doing is not my piece of cake... I would like to know if anyone else is in sync with my thoughts...
10/27/2004 11:18 PM

I see what you are trying to say.. But 'joining hands with authorites' is not always the best experience in our society. I am not being a cynic here but just trying to be pragmatic. Most of us are working full time or are studying. By associating with an NGO related to education, It provides me an easy avenue to satiate my yearnings to give back something to the society.At the moment, I have been involved a little with this cause. I have seen some real things happening with my own eyes. So, I would like to continue with this for some time to come.Dont wanna chew more than I can digest :)As regards the things you have mentioned.. I think its more of an attitude issue within the society rather than a real problem. If inspite of ample parking space, people park their cars diagonally in a market, then you cant really go out & fight with them. Joining Hands with authorities .. I am really sceptical about that. These are issues of cultural nature.. & you can only educate people about that if they are willing. You cant enforce everything on the citizens.Thats my take on it. Anyways, if you plan to do anything.. Plz do check me out. Thanks.. & best luck for your cause.
(*-*) 10/27/2004 11:31 PM

I know... what you are saying is correct.. its not one of the easiest things to do.. as you gotta make ppl unlearn and understand their responsibility towards society... but that is what i call community service... About the attitude issue that you mentioned.. i guess you are a part of this society and a part of this attitude too... so if you are not doing something about it then you are encouraging it... I feel bad when i cannot do anything about people driving in high beams, or parking like idiots.. and always make it a point to let them know of a better way.. whenever i can.. had my good and bad experiences doing this.. but i think its worth it.. seeing me jump a redlight would make 15 others jump it too.. but if i stop.. and one more guy stops next to me.. it was worth it...

I am not going to fight anyone about why they did what they did.. but letting them know that what they are doing can be done in a better way.. would make a difference.. ppl would get angry, embarrased.. might start fighting.. but then that is something that i would be prepared for..
There are a thousand organisations working towards child education, for poor people, the under priviledged, but i do not see anyone working towards something that you crib about most of the time... Wondering why... we cannot start making that change which we want !!!

Anyway.. me alone cannot do anything... Might find lotsa people if it comes to taking care of the tasks that you mentioned... Just hoping for some more people who share my views and agree...
i wish you luck from the bottom of my heart and hope that you get all the satisfaction and happiness from what you are doing.. God bless !!

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