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I ain't Sugar !

I ain't sugar, don't think I am sweet

I ain't the sun, don't think I got too much heat

I ain't the moon, to keep your nights lit

I ain't the air, to let you breathe

I ain't fire, to burn your heart

I ain't water, to cool you down

I ain't a joker, to keep you away from the frown

I ain't a river, to let you flow

But I am me...

a bit of fire

a bit of water

a bit of earth

a bit of sky

a bit of mountain

a bit of air

a bit of sun

a bit of time

a bit of sadness

a bit of fun

a bit of sparkle

a bit of glare

a bit of heart

a bit of dirt

a bit of strength

a bit of weakness

a bit of distance

a bit of caress

a bit of space

a bit of nothing

a bit of everything


I ain't sugar, don't think I am sweet

I ain't the sun, don't think I got too much heat


  1. Iam sugar..because Iam sweet..

    but never the less..bahut hi shaandar kavita hai!!

  2. You are you and that's what matters :)

    Very beautifully written.
    I first thought they were lyrics of some firang song :D

  3. Yes, you are - a bit of everything! Sun, fire, moon, everything :) cheers..stay that way

  4. good hai...2nd bart even more so :)

    will send screen shot when it appears again..

  5. ditto rhapsody i too think it were some lyrics n was thinking of copying+pasting it to my orkut profile ...**sigh, my loss**

    indeed very nice....the poem wasnt sugar but it was sweet:D:D

  6. And we adore a little more than a bit of you. :)

  7. and just this little bit of you have the girls swooning....and sighing...imagine what would happens to the one who gets more than just this little bit of you :))

    but yes i agree...you that that you are is pretty darn good and hard to resist coming back to!!?! :P...enjoyed reading....very nicely put !!!

  8. I agree with Aarbee. We adore a little more than a bit of you, Omzi. :)

    Be the way you are, buddy. Change only for good :)

  9. :)

    be salt ... a pinch of that , lemon and tequila and Cheers!

    well written.. like the part two more..

    Stay the way u r ..

  10. had to revisit this lovely poem...since you are all these things ...you say are not !!!

    and you ain't a bit of all this but a lot of each one....

    dirt !!..lol...apartment saf karne ke time sochna..kitna bit hai :))

  11. hmm.. nice one. One does not have to be sugar to be sweet.. since sugar causes diabetes anyways.

    I like the tone of this piece... it sounds as a disclaimer at first , then it takes a lil more mellow tone and you tend to start sympathizing with the writer and then it goes back to the disclaimer tone

    good job ! ;)

  12. I liked the bit of 'What You Are'

    And how a bit of all of the above makes us unique and different from others.. :)

    Making life and people around us nice, happy and optimistic.

    Good luck, keep adding more to your basket of 'A BIT'

  13. Wah wah!
    Very sweet poem!

    This reminds me of a very old song that goes something like this, "I am what I am, I am my own special creation....I am what I am..."

    Enjoying Mom and Dad's company!

    Arre Aunty se gujhiya banwana (bolna Kaneda waaiyon ki ispecial request hai)aur mere liye kha lena please....

  14. You definately are sweet!! :D

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  16. so beautifully written!!
    Seems heavy dose of tea with extra sugar made you to write this :)

  17. love the way it is written. these are not lyrics of a song but i am sure they can become....

  18. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments ! Honestly, I was not looking forward to personal comments on this one, but thank you girls for such overwhelming and kind words !

    I am not personally commenting on your words because I am short of them!

  19. wah.. kya khoob likha hai.. isko gaa ke dekha kya..

    i hummed a-long it as i was reading it... feels good!