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Aarambh hai Prachand

Some songs have the capability to make you shut up and listen.... this I feel is one of those songs...

आरम्भ है प्रचंड बोलें मस्तकों के झुंड
आज ज़ंग की घड़ी की तुम गुहार दो

आन बान शान या के जान का हो दान
आज एक धनुष के बाण पे उतार दो

I have always liked Piyush Mishra as an actor... his screen presence, his dialogue delivery and most importantly his voice... There is something about it that I notice and I like !

Gulal has a few songs that Piyush Mishra has brilliantly sung, and he has done such a wonderful job with his lyrics, and music... One of the strongest lyrics and music of recent times... Hats off to him... Most of these NSD guys have brought so much to the Indian Cinema, but they are so under rated... anyway !!!

Another song that I "listen" to is "Raat ke Musafir" by Rahul Ram... I have always loved his voice, and way this song has been rendered with minimum music... just the acoustic guitar and Rahul's incredible voice... sheer Brilliance !!!

मुकाम खोज ले तू
मकान खोज ले तू
इंसान के शहर में इंसान खोज ले तू

देख तेरी ठोकर से
रास्ते का वो पत्थर
माथे पे तेरे लग जाये न उचल के

ओ रात के मुसाफिर
तू भागना संभल के !

Here are the two songs which I have mentioned above, in case you have not heard them yet!

This song is set up in an environment of College Elections and brought back memories of the DU elections... There used to be so much at stake in this youth elections and being a part of them was an amazing experience! All is fair in love and war and "elections" was the motto I guess !

And here is Raat Ke Musafir:

And While you are at it, why not see/hear some more of Piyush Mishra... This reminds me so much of the Street Play times. I wonder where would I be if I had continued with my love of theater.


  1. Hmm...achche lyrics hain. I'm yet to see Gulaal. Was busy with a few things when the movie was released. Haven't heard the songs. But I think now I will.

    Theatre can never be your bread and butter in India until you are someone as big as Amir Raza Hussain. A lot of people including me are passionate about theatre but it remains a leisure activity, a hobby.
    I know that you really love theatre :). Buddy, you can still pursue theatre along with your job once you are back in Delhi. Come back soon! :D

  2. love all the songs of gulaal.when i had added 'aarambh' song in my favorites on orkut,ppl said i am crazy... very few ppl in the industry experiment with this genre! vishal bharadwaj is one of them.

  3. the song gives (aaramabh) gives u good bumps cuz it has been so brilliantly written and sung along with fabulous music...........

    the other songs are excellent too....there is so much satire in the lyrics in few of them.....

  4. I'll be watching this movie in the morning (humko chutti hai!). The first song you posted is quite intense...it moves through the veins and leaves you with goose bumps...

  5. I havent seen this movie yet.. though it has been highly recommended by a lot of friends.
    I do have the OST :) and its nice ..

  6. @ Swati
    achche and very very strong... will make you "listen" to them !!!

    take out time to listen to the sound track, its worth every second you will spend on it...

    I am not sure if I am going to persue theatre anymore... there are other things that are higher on priority and passion right now...

    @ Geet
    you are right... Vishal also does experiment with this genre... I guess that comes from the closeness to the soil...

    @ Deepu
    you bet bro...

    @ Jas
    so how did you like the movie? find it interesting?

    @ Paromita
    good good... try and take some time out to watch this movie... its a li'li extreme and might need you to have witnessed some of it first hand to appreciate it, but it still is going to be worth a watch !

  7. I woke up with a terrible headache that persisted through most of yesterday and as such couldn't watch the movie...I guess the coming weekend it is now!

    How was your weekend, we had monday off (Victoria day)...

  8. loved the music of this movie..esp raat ke musafir!! yet to watch the movie though!

  9. @ Jas
    oh....do watch it please... and take care of your head :)

    @ Gunjan
    yea I loved the music too... do watch the movie... its a very strong movie...

  10. I watched it yesterday. What an intense movie, a little sad...I loved the soundtrack...and Rananjay (Abhimanyu), I loved his character and of course he looks awesome with his moustaches! :)

  11. Jis kavi ki kalpana mein
    Zindagi ho prem geet
    Us kavi ko aaj tum nakaar do...this is wat our society has been reduced to...luv the song and i dont think i even have to comment abt the movie...every single time i listen to it..it scares me to hell...

  12. great movie ,all work really well, best movie in last five year which touch politic-socio-educational in one go