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MAX(imum) CARE(lessness)

I have always believed that Doctors have a profession that is noble, and selfless. I still believe it, however there are incidents that shake that belief.

And one such incident is what you see below in the presentation... Please do take out time to read through...


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  2. Hmmm quite a sad story. I bet this has been happening for years and years. Just that people were not vocal enough about these things.

    I used to feel strongly that every profession should have a code of ethic like doctors do...but it is disheartening to see them use it so looselt.. let fo of the others .

  3. Finally managed to see the slideshow...

    Shit! This is a scary case.
    How can they be so laidback, careless and irresponsible??

  4. {{{{{{Deepest Sigh}}}}}}

    With all the health insurance companies cropping up everywhere, healthcare has been turned into just another business, no one cares for the patient, all they see is a bundle of money, they don't give a shit whether the patient lives or dies...as long as they can gather their dough...
    Even in Canada where they have state operated healthcare, they don't have enough doctors or facilities, people are waiting for surgeries, critical surgeries for cancer, heart patients and the like, and they just die waiting for their turn...

  5. @ Shivi
    yea... there are multiple aspects to it I am sure, but it still is very sad to see things like this happening... its sad and scary !!!!

    ethics is something that I feel is slowly moving out of our lives... slowly...

    @ Swati
    yea scary... trust me they can be... I have seen that myself in multiple situations...

    @ Jas

  6. @Prashant: Yes, they can. My dad was a victim of such careless doctors in Lucknow. Can you believe it, my dad had a heart attack and the docs could not even diagnose that? They said it was Gastritis and did not give me proper medical aid on time. It resulted in second heart attack making the case very, very serious. We had to immediately shift him to another hospital.
    It was a scary, very scary experience.

    I always thought Max was a good hospital. But this post just showed us the truth.

  7. Gosh even my sister is in the consultation at MAX-PAtparganj..shes due in june..Gosh its really scary..Iam gonna share this with her!!

  8. This sucks as bad as anything, really scary & disappointing. You may read here for more details:

  9. guess what..she was in my COE...a very good professional...I forwarded it to Doc but not sure if it reached him...sorry state of affairs...

  10. Hi
    A dedicated site has been made that talks about case details, status updates and a signature campaign to condemn the state of medical negligence in India and to show that we care.
    Pls participate
    Deepika Manchanda
    Sister of deceased