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गीतमाला भाग २ (Geetmala Part -2)

"बीत गए दिन प्यार के पलछिन
सपना बनी ये रातें
भूल गए वो तू भी भुला दे
प्यार की ये मुलाकातें

आज के सवाल....
१ गाने का मुखड़ा बताएं
२ संगीतकार का नाम बताएं
३ इसी संगीतकार के दो और गानों के बारे मे कुछ बताएं

And like the last time, no peeking into comments to find the answer... do you own research and come up with the answers :)


  1. answers:
    1. 'wahan kaun hai tera' from the movie Guide. One of my favorite films.
    2. music director: S.D. Burman
    3. 2 more songs by S.D.Burman.
    i) 'Badi sooni sooni hai'sung by Kishore Kumar from the movie Mili(1975). I love the film and the chemistry between AB and jaya in the movie. pstpst...initially, my dad wanted the name me 'Mili' bcoz unko betiya 'mili' thi...hehehe

    ii)'Jaane kya tune kahi' by Geeta Dutt from the movie Pyaasa(1957). Another beautiful movie. It was directed by Guru Dutt.

    Note: sheer chance that I posted about 'guide' on music blog last week isliye sab dimaag main fresh tha :)

    I hope my answers are correct :)

  2. @ oh btw, the mukhda is..wahan kaun hai tera, musaifir jayega kahaan. Dum lele ghadi bhar, ye chhaiyaan, paayega kahaan.
    It was sung by S.D.Burman

  3. @ Swati
    I wonder how you get to know of the new posts this quick on chai ki dukaan !!! it feels almost as if I first tell you and then post :D

    gehri saazish ki boo aa rahi hai mujhe !!!

  4. Is baar bhi mera score ZEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRROOOOOO hai! :(

    Dekha tha ye gaana Rhapsody ke Sound of Music pe, lekin kuch yaad nahi rehta...

  5. I didn't know the answers... but Swati's answer makes me hum those songs. Those songs - when the music was simple and the lyrics meaningful.

    Time to play the old_hindi playlist :)

  6. @Prashant: Oh NO!!! Tumko pata chal gaya saazish ke baare may. Tch! :D
    bachchu, mere jasoos web ke konay konay main baithey huay hain...mujhe saari khabar rehti hai :P

    Blogger.com is my homepage..so every time I refresh a page or open a new window, I get to know if any new posts have been posted on the blogs that I follow :)

  7. hope this comment gets posted..has been a bit of a struggle to read this post!! i think our BB in india is not broad enough :))

    love the song...and this movie....for its progressive theme about women following their dream...thanks for posting...had not heard it in soooo song.

  8. Mera bhi score peechli baar ki tarhan 0 hi hai

  9. Omzi, iss quiz ka sahi jawab to bata do :)