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Feels like a son !

Picked up Ma Pa from today... their maiden flight from India to Chicago !!!

Milwaukee suddenly looks like home !!!

My second biiiiiig gift after the success of 30on30 :) Life is great !


  1. :)
    How nice is that!

    Regards to uncle aunty. Have lots of FUN!!!

  2. :)
    Enjoy these precious moments...and capture them in ur lenses!

  3. good hai....all set ...enjoy now...

  4. mast oye... khoob enjoy karen!! aaj kite festival hai wahan pe !

  5. Great! Convey regards to your Mom and Dad from the Chaibaaz community! :)
    My Mom and Dad come back from their visit to India on Monday, but they'll be at Toronto. Lets see when I can go meet them!

    Have fun, enjoy Mom's delicious meals! :) Hamare liye bhi khaa lena thoda thoda roz! :D

  6. awesome hai :) how long are they staying?

  7. Awesome :)
    Uncle Aunty ko mera namaste kehna. Enjoy :)

  8. Oh thats wow !! Enjoy with them.. and spend less time on this internet .. spend more time with them. It is somtething my folks always complain about when I am in India.. SO enjoy the people time vs tech time :)


  9. and may your life always be this great and only get better....

    keep dreaming and bring thse dreams into reality....its wonderful how you turn your thoughts/dreams into action!!

  10. @ Swati
    :) it is very very nice !!!

    @ FighterJet
    Yes sir :)

    @ Aro
    haan bhai... all good..

    @ Geet
    :) Yaar late ho gaye hum kite fetival ke liye... gaye to the !!

    @ Jas
    ji zaroor :) main bhi khilane wala hoon unko kuch kuch banakar :)

    @ Kashmira
    thanks !
    they are here for a month !!

    @ Subbu
    haan bhai :)

    @ Shivi
    ji zaroor :)

    @ Joy
    thanks a ton !!!!

    It just happens :) Secret ;)

  11. Arre wah..have loads fun!!
    Aunty ke haath ka khaana to khaana hi sahi, but do make something forn them..unhe bhi to pata chale unka beta yahan reh kar kitna acha khaana banane laga.. :P
    Khoob ghoomna and masti marna..
    God Bless!!

  12. Enjoy! It must be a great feeling to be with parents and being pampered:-)


  13. secret indeed :D !!

    i came here from fb..following my fav tulips photograph...but it isn't here on chaikidukaan ?? how come???...so where is it??

  14. :) Happy .. Envious .. Smiling .. You did something which I was never able to do ...so doubly happy.

    Do convey my regards to Uncle and Aunty and show then everything! I am sure with you around.. they will have a great time!

  15. bahut ache... someday main bhi apne mummy papa ko amrika ghumaoonga

  16. :-) @ post...

    chaikidukaan gives an error these days which goes like: operation aborted or somemthing...i can't recall what error but am not able to post comments..lets see if this one gets thru...

  17. Awesome!! :) Good things happen to good people, you prove it all the time.. :D

  18. I get this error too..Was wondering if only I face it..

  19. Awesome Omzie..god bless...am sure u feel on top of the world...so very happy for you.

  20. Good hai Marah :) have fun with parents.

  21. @ Madhu

    @ Paromita

    @ Vaishali
    thanks !!! ji zaroor...

    @ Archana
    you bet it is... one moment I feel grown up to be able to do this, and the other I feel like a kid... lovely feeling..

    @ Joy
    :) The tulip photograph is in the Holland post, not this one..

    @ Kshitiz
    thanks bro !!!!

    @ Aseem
    thanks !

    @ Reeta

    I have heard that from a few other friends too, could you please send me a screenshot of the error the next time you get it... I did not get that error so far..

    @ Sam
    thanks a ton :) :)

    @ Vaishali
    a few more people told me about it..

    @ Mon
    thanks Mon

    I feel great to be able to do this... hard work and patience always pays off... ALWAYS...

    @ Nida
    shukriya Marah !!!

  22. You did expect some girl to go all
    'awwww' here , didn't you? Because one girl just did :)

  23. @ wishes Galore

    @ Ankur
    thanks bro

    @ Priya
    I did not really write this for a girl or any for that matter !!! This was for myself !

    but thanks :)