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And the winner is....

For those you do not know what this post is about, read this and then this.
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So I made chits with all the 15 names as you see below :)

Folded them properly, and made sure there I did not have a clue of which chit had what name....

Decided that there should be more than 1 winner, so picked up 3 instead... and here are the results !!!!

Congratulations Teekhi Mirchi, Subbu and Geet...

So now the three of you can choose a picture each from the Holland post, and write to me at prashantbhardwaj[at]gmail[dot]com with the picture details, and the address you'd like me to ship the photograph to !!!

Thanks people for participating :) and apologies to those whose names did not come up in the draw this time! come up with ideas to have your names in the winner's list and we will do something similar in June :)


  1. Tunay mera naam ki chit nahi niklai.:(
    Teri aisi ki taisi...
    Calgary se to gunde aa hi rahe hain tere pechay.
    Maine Dilli aur UP ke hatte-katte gunday bhejay hain. Abb dekh tu...

  2. Oh tere se ladne ke chakkar main 'winners' ko mubarak bhi nahi di. tch!

    Ok ji, Teekhi Mirchi, Subbu and Geet...aap sab ko bahut bahut mubarak ho!!! :)

  3. Congratulations to all the winners.

    Now that is out of the way, I can start throwing tantrums...I am going to sulk all long weekend long. :( Sob Sob...

    Rhapsody, UP-DIlli ke gunde-badmash rawaana kar diye hain na PB ki taraf. Main yahan Calgary ke gunde-badmash to bhej hi rahin hun, saath mein main bhi pahunch jaoongi ek mota sa danda leke...


  4. Oh!! I missed this contest !!!! :(
    Koi nahi .. mera number bhi aayega !

  5. Hawww main to pre selected thi...to fir :( Sad kar diya yeh to aapne. bhery bhery sad

  6. YEY... thank you :).. please check your inbox for my email :D.

    and like those pics of the chittis.you made this draw exciting as i see so many ppl above were eagerly waiting for it....

  7. Thank you, thank you :)
    Can't wait to see the silhouette of four people against the sun in print :)

  8. (faints while reading the post...)

    sniffing on smelling salts...:P

    i didnt know i'll win the contest :P

    oh wow..i can choose one pic ...let me get busy with it now..

    thanks PB ..

    i'll hv a piece of holland now .. :P...ummm the tickets can follow later ..

    congratulations all winners...

  9. Bahut hi sundar likhai hai..mujhe apna naam ache se nazar aa raha hai..to aapko kyun nahin aaya..mera naam nahin nikala :-(
    koi na koi na..next time hi sahi!!

    Oh BTW..conratulations to all!!Party to banati hai..lets have a chai party (High T) on Chai ki Dukkan to celebrate the winners!!!

  10. @ Swati
    ello.... lottery mein naam na nikalne par lottery wale ko kaun daanta hai !!!

    Bahut Zyadati hai !!!

    Bhejo Gunde... Paschimi Uttar Pradesh ke logon se pala nahin pada hai lagta hai aapka abhi tak kabhi :D

    @ Richa
    sorry dear !!! next time pakka

    @ Jas
    aww.... I really wanted your name to come out too !!! sach...

    @ Kshitiz
    koi na bhai... sometime later sahi

    @ Shivi
    haan haan, wo to hai hi.. par wo to out of contest hai na selection... isme to regular draw of lots they !!!

    so you can still choose a picture and let me know!

    @ Subbu
    glad bhai :)

    @ Paromita

    let me know which one do you want!

    @ Vaishali
    arre parchi nikalte mein naam thodi dikh rahe the !!!!

    haan next time try karte hain !

  11. awwww,
    *sob sob* badi ummeedo se ye bloglink khola tha;((
    par koi baat nahii,June wali polls ke liye i am positive:))

    congratulations to the winner(s)..i had already given the ideas in the previous post but you instead of taking all 15 choose only 3( that too without my name :()...

  12. back to age old and best method to draw the lot........good one :)

  13. @Vaishali, Teekhi Mirchi and Wishes Galore: I loved your responses! :D

    PB ji, sahi mein, aapki likhai to atti sundar hai! :)

    Aur wo jo maine ro ro kar kitni saari balti-ein bhar di hain, wo aapki taraf ravaana kar rahi hun...dher saari baarish padi ke nahi aapke yahan?

  14. @Jas - thank you hai ji , bahut bada waala..

    Party to Banti hi hai..plan out karo ji kuch acha sa..Iam sure we can get good ideas here on CKD

  15. @ Wishes Galore
    aww... i am so sorry... i wanted my name as well in the draw but I could not even participate :/

    good luck to the next draw :)

    @ Deepu

    @ Jas
    shukriya mohtarma...

    baarish ho rahi hai aaj se... finally pahunch gaye aapke aansu idhar !

    @ Vaishali

    @ Geet
    I am sorry to have missed your comment previously....

    looking forward to your email !

  16. @jas thanks:))dil se nikla response tha naa...
    @omji haan, for next poll i m positively hopeful( kaisa combo hain,see my optimism;)))sorry ki koi baat naii ji, wo kehte hain naa "naseeb apna apna" :/

  17. i like this post...
    congrats to all winners :)

  18. @Jas :

    Thank u thank u !! Am waiting for my BW tulips now.. ( PB take the hint and post ASAP)

    Btw party kab hai ? kab hai party?