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MoRe !!!

how does this sound?

lots of work..
late night movies...
excellent music...
and some good creative thoughts..

looks like i have all the reasons to enjoy my life..

oh.. and did i forgot that india won their fifth match with a quite a good margin... 7 wickets eh...

coming to it point by poiint..

i can work best when challanged to perform.. for that matter everyone does.. but do i care.. the answer is not.. i am here to care about myself and not do any charity... so that fact of the matter remains that i have loads and loads of work to do.. in a li'il less time then i need to complete it... and i am loving it...
the bad thoughts that i did not get any appraisal..
that i have not been treated nicely... etc etc do not even come to my mind...

hopefully the right people would know that I AM the right guy !!!

late night movies... i saw Jerry Mcguire today on Star Movies... lovely movie.. i have seen it in bits and peices.. but today i sat down and saw the whole damn movie.. and am i happy or what... its a good movie.. must see for someone who thinks that there are things that will break you in peices as a human... if you can collect yourself.. and have the balls to fight the odds.. there is nothing that can stop you from getting what you deserve....

excellent music...
for the last two days i am listening to 99.9fm... no no.. this is not a new station.. no its not even a worldspace station... its a soundtrack... 99.9fm is a movie.. a li'il different from the MSC... main stream cinema... and the soundtrack.. rich... well thats the word that i have for it... it has such a charismatic blend of the right quantity of classical, vocal, intrumental, pop and folk... singers like Shobha Mudgal, Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, Shaan feature in this soundtrack... worth a buy... oh that reminds me.. i have to search for the OST on Limewire.. lemme pull it up... guys.. do try Limewire.. one of the best P2P software that i have used... and the lightest on your PC too...

creative thoughts..
i sat down with gaurav today.. and discussed with him the ideas that i had for the site.. i think he liked them.. i also made some sketches of the fotos that i wanted him to click.. and i might click them too... and he has permitted me to use his Canon 350D in the next shoot... and play around.. so i get to do some stuff as well... thanks Tushar for helping me with the fire... love you brother !!!

today was the happy budday of my young cousin.. Ashu.. he is one of the best chaps that i know.. sincere and honest.. brother may God bless you with all the happiness that you deserve in your life..

sorry richa for not being able to talk to you in the last few days.. hope you understand how caught up i am...

tushar.. i have made a small file.. will send it to you as soon i find myself satisfied with the result...

had to write all this before i go off to sleep... feeling more better now :D


  1. Interesting things happening in your man! Enjoy every moment of it!!!

    By the way Indian cricket team ko ho kya gaya hai? Match 1 and 2 were bad from Lankan side but liked the guts they showed in 3 and 4...aur aaj ka match bilkul nahi dekha! Good that bowlers did it this time!!!

  2. @ b...

    yeah interesting.. and december might be a month of travelling and training and auditing...across india... kolkota, banglore, mumbai, indore etc etc... lets see... 2005 looks like a good year !!!

    i had seriously thought that the series was fixed.. but then the way things are moving ahead... i am liking the entire feel of the indian team.. it really looks like a team again... love it !!!

  3. v nice

    v nice

    let's get this done

  4. sounds great!!

    didn't watch any match unlike what i used to do.but India winning is always great!!!

    i think it is really important to enjoy your work coz otherwise its hard to sustain the long hours of never ending work.

    Jerry Mcguire....cute kid..hot dude...AWESOME!!

    heard 99.9 fm.yeah,its good.i like it too.

    amazing how you find time for such creative work as well.i really admire u for this.

    and its not a problem at all.i know u're busy.

    so some more of travelling huh?cool hai!

    btw, did i tell u... one of my friend's friend who is learning photography has gone to Kausani from her institute.so u seem to be knowing all the right,your kinda places. really cool!

    keep it up!
    good luck!

  5. @ bastm..
    what detailed comments eh...

    and hey.. it was great talking to you today...
    creative work... it is needed to give myself a break from the usual...
    travel yes... loads of it coming up...

    and kausani.. i think she has gone there at just the right time.. she might get to see all the mountains i could never see... can you find out what insti is she learning from.. and are there any classes on weekends that i can attend?

  6. :) same here!

    i think it was Triveni Kala Kendra or something. i'll still confirm and let you know the details.

    take care!!

  7. 99.9fm...i agree...

    matches...the ******* college exams and assignments havent allowed to see them.. just read reports.. :(

    creative work.. good dude.. i have always wanted to.. but am damn lazy.. if had company.. plus this college shit i am somehow always engaged in.. anyways..

    good to read stuff on your blog man..

    and.. you smiling and all huh.. cool! really good to read atleast someone is.

  8. @ rohit...
    yea.. creative work...

    college exams... i remember those good old days ( pun intended ) thank God i do not have sit for any exams as of now... except for the certifications that i would want to do...

    i sincerely feel that while in college you get the max time to exploit yourself creatively.. so if you say college shit is not letting you do that.. i am not going to buy that thought !!!

    i usually smile except in front of strangers ( and stranger girls ;) and why do you sound so sad when you write.. "atleast someone is"

  9. 99.9 fm is gud, infact very gud.....dont know abt matches....dont watch cricket anymore....waste of time...football rules anyday....anytime....

  10. actually... it's like this: what students want to do, it's kinda opposite in curriculum... turning out to be a complete mess.. so how far can you go and try to scratch your cells... how far can you still think you'd be interested in something that's just not what you like.. but.. then.. eventually.. the degree! that sums it all.. :D