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FiAT TaKeS a STeP !!!

am i happy or what...

Fiat India's site is back up... there were loads of talks going about FIAT packing their bags and leaving.. and then Hinduja's came into picture.. and then the TATAs... and finally there is a MOU between the TATAs and FIAT... which means that TATA is going to benefit with the FIAT technology... and FIAT is going to benefit with the TATA's ASS (After Sales Service)...

win win for both the parties.. and for the few FIAT owners in India who swear by their cars... and i am one of them...

me and deepu were talking about FIAT yesterday.. the there is no sale of fiat.. and i told him.. that there is no After Sale.. or Re-sale either... you need to have some balls to buy a Fiat.. and trust me... its a delight to own... and needless to say i am tottally obsessed with my car...

ok.. back to the main point.. FIAT India's website is up and running.. which means that I would have that site open on my computer all the time.. which used to be the case when i bought the car.. and what can be better then seeing the Ferrari Red colour on the site.. something that i OWN....

love you baby.. you are the best thing that has happened to me ever.. and i am not kidding !!!

here is a pic of my love for ppl who have not met her yet !!!


  1. i'm happy for you!
    good luck with your Radha. make her a vintage one day!

  2. i wanted to say something........ but preferred not to.... since this is a public forum.
    Take care
    make god take good care of you and your darling.

  3. the Fiat site is not opening at this moment

    she is hot :p ;)

  4. @ bastm...
    she is the best..

    @ aqui...
    hmm.. why don't you call me up and lemme know... that would be our private talk ;)

    @ burf..
    haan.. no idea what the issue is... i am feeling bad about it.. lets see if it works fine !!!

    she for sure is hott...

  5. this is the greatest news i have heard abt the fiat,,lately had been reading only negative abt it and was shying to recommend this car to my another frnds,,,but not anymore......GREAT NEWS>>>LOVE U

  6. @ ankur..
    shying... why man.. fiat no doubt has the best hatchback and the sedan in india..
    compare it to any bloddy wagon R or Santro or Sail or Getz or Swift.. its damn better..
    and petra... what do you want to compare it with.. a 100 bhp 1600 cc engine screws ass man !!!