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BiZiE !!!

last two days have been really really hectic... to the extent that yesterday i did not get time have my food as well...

so i was fasting on a Tuesday.. thats a good sign eh !!!

the health part has improved a li'il bit... when you have a bad throat youshould keep quiet.. and i think i have been speaking the most in the last two days.. and that seems to have taken care of my problem :)

anyway.. tushar was kind enough to call me for a soup on monday evening... and i obliged him :P...
for some reason whatever he said that evening was very very valid... not that he does not say valid things otherwise, but monday evening he looked focused and very inspiring... i was keen on taking care of the things that we discussed, but thanks to the work load in office, i am not in a position to open my PC once i reach home in the night !!!

but tushar bhai i will make sure that this weekend i have something to show you ...

yesterday was just fine... except that not eating food part... Deepali came over to see me from the other building and that was something very very sweet of her... i am also chatting a li'il with Shilpa.. who i call Shipla and she seems to be a nice girl too... had some interesting convos with her which i will post sometime later...

for now.. i will go and get back to work...


  1. very good!!! bad health and no food is the most amazing combi i have seen.
    u really are very smart and inspiring.

    good to know that your friends are around though.

    please take care of yourself!

  2. oye! talkin when your throat's not okay is so much fun aint it? i love to do it.. only when folks arent around though..

    and...take care.

  3. @ bastm..
    thank you thank you.. i know i am smart and inspiring.. though right now... i am just working very hard... and yes at the cost of my health but i guess that is the need of the hour.. however i will take care.. i have to take care..

    @ rohit..
    d00d.. tell me about it..
    when you have 4 conf calls back to back for 4 hours.. and you are one to update everyone..
    when you have 53 locations to talk to and take updates of the activity you assigned to the team there...

    how can i possibly keep quiet.. waise i think with bad throat.. i sing well :D