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TeCh uPdAtEs !!!

Some technical updates to the blog have been done...

  • Now the posts would be displayed before the content on the left side so that everyone has quicker access to the my posts, the accessories will open later... Idea courtsey Tushar bhai !!!
  • There is a small poll on the page, about why ppl blog... just two votes so far on that.. lets see how it moves ahead...
  • There is a link called world map.. credit goes to missnupur's blog for this link... if you click there.. it opens a page with a world map where you can place a pin and write a comment.. that way i can know where are you reading ma blog from...

There is something going on in my mind... par abhi nai likhunga.. shayad kal !!!! lets see...


  1. wah wah bahut techie ideas hain:)

  2. @ red...heheheh hai na mast ideas... ab i want your pin on the map, your vote on the poll and your comments in each post :) Is that too much to ask for :) neah !!!

  3. arre i've already voted aur comments u'always get:)...red

  4. i wanna know how u did the first bit..plz tell coz its a good idea. :)

    And thanks for mentioning my name!! :) I'm humbled.

  5. @ red : Pata hai.. kahin na kahin your comments on my blog have encouraged me to continue writing.. thanks red for being the anonymous reader :)

    @ Missnupur : If you see the template of your blog, the code would tell you that it has been divided into multiple sections, the side bar, the main content and the low bar. In my page, the side content was loading before the main page, and that is why all the posts used to come up only after the side bar was loaded.. what i did was cut the code for the side bar and pasted it after the code of main contect.. and asta la vista.. its how it is now :)