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LiFe iN d'ReAr ViEw MiRrOr !!!

One of the fotos I like to like... the contrast between what is there in the front of the car and what i see in the rear view mirror....

Solid plain rocks vs. Mountains full of trees....

for some reason I have always been facinated by what i see in the rear view mirror of my car.. and i use that not only to see who is approaching me but also to find more about them... how ppl look in extreme heat.. and what are they doing when its a cool morning breeze splashing their faces... or when they are stuck in a traffic jam... there are so many shades of life that this rear view mirror shows me everyday... everytime i look into it... sometimes empty roads.. sometimes ppl rushing like mad.... sometimes strong sun... and sometimes (like today) RAIN *it was very beautiful today while coming back from office by the way*

Do i see some part of my life in this foto... i think i do...


  1. even i have clicked a similar picture sometime back...but this one came out really nice:)

  2. lovely pics...n i love rear view mirror shots too! :)

  3. @ red : All thanks to the N65 i borrowed from my friend :) aapki wali foto agar email kardo to achcha lagega

    @ shub : Your blog is something that actually gave me some inspiration to move towards fotografy... the ones of the sun on your blog between the railings on the railway station.. i wish i could click something of that sort sometime...

  4. email already sent.although that pic is not of real good quality as i clicked with nokia 6600.but it turned out good enough for a camera phone:)happy clicking

  5. @ RED : Mera jawab bhi mil gaya hoga :) mereko to sahi lagi wo foto... waise kahan khadi thi ye gaadi when the picture was taken?

  6. i guess the photograph of dragonfly on shubs blog had the potential of being included in NAT GEO, i guess wat failed the pic was the camera quality