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9998 : This is what i see on my car's dashboard tonight... just 2 kms short of a 10K mark in about 6 months.... there is a lot that has happened in these last few months...

1) I feel i have matured personally and professionally; Saying this because I feel more calm and composed these days to myself...

2) I feel bad (at times) not to have friends who are around me all that time... after I left hughes.. i could never feel comfortable around any new ppl except very few. Neha is one of them... though she is off to paris for a looooooooong time; Pawan is another.... though we talk quite often.. the sad part being we have not met yet... I have not managed to get along well with a lot of ppl in the Office on the personal front... i do not like being in the corporate at times... and i feel the primary reason is that the kinda of sporty competition that I have lived in Hughes is nowhere to be seen here.... everyone is only about making sure that the other does not get any credit for what they do... every wants to score points as and when possible... and in any way possible...

3) i still love my car from the core of my heart... looking at her, her fotos... makes me soooooooooo happy.... i have the wallpaper of the car on my desktop.. and trust me she is just awesome....

4) I am seriously getting inclined towards photography... its good that i did not rush into buying a camera and have decided to do my homework before I get into a huge investment.. which can be anything between 40-60K

5) Ma and Pa are getting serious about getting me married... and having a daughter for themselves.. i think they cannot take me anymore... hehehehehe.. they have given up and seriously want someone else to come up and take care of me and handle me:) i at times think how things would change after we have two kids in this house... one me and the other meri BIWI

life is interesting and boring at the same time !!!! funny yet quite.... hectic yet calm... lively yet lazy !!!!

might be continued.....


  1. so you still haven't bought camera...and app shaadi kar rahe hain...good to know that:)

  2. @ Red : Haanji... Camera nai khareeda abhi tak.... Aur shaadi... i think Q1 of 2006 is what my parents are thinking about...*blush blush*

  3. shaadi means party and party means acha khana.....jaldi karo bilkul.....bahut din ho gaye kisi ki shadi attend kiye hue :D

  4. wow!! n my nike reads 9998 today! whatta coincidence!! of course its more than a year old! :-)

  5. @ deeps : Bhai mere... ek ladki bhi dhoond loon zara... phir khana khilaunga... agle saal tayyar rehna :) stop eating atleast one week in advance...

    @ Shub : yea.. what a coincidence....how is life treating you these days...

  6. thanx for the pics...very nice:)...red

  7. @ Red : Thank you hai ji... waise red se to mereko sirf apni gaddi ka colour yaad aata hai... aapka koi aur naam bhi hai which can be used :)

  8. abhi tak to red hi hai...chalo isi bahane aapko apni gaddi dekh ke meri yaad aa jaayegi;)

  9. @ Red : Haanji... aati to hai yaad aapki apni gaadi dekh kar... striking similarity between the colour of my car and your name.. ehehehehehhe