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CaN't wAiT 2 LeAvE hOmE

I have not been able to sleep tonight.... too excited to think about getting to drive for a long distance... and mosquitos as well.. hehehe... so i get up at 0130 hrs after going off to sleep at 2300 hrs yesterday to fight some of these small but irritating creatures... someone temme what role do they play in the entire food cycle !!! i am missing neha right now... for a couple of reasons... One there are chances that if she was here in india.. she would have joined me on this trip.. which would have been jussssssssst wonderful... and two she can tell me about the mosquitoes...
ok coming back to the trip thingie.... Aro is still in the office and there is no cab that can drop him around NOIDA till like 0630 hrs... banking on our manager Amit to drop him to NOIDA !!!! now when would he leave office... lets see... I really wanted to start early so that we could beat the early morning traffic and reach Rishikesh as early as possible... around 1000 hrs is when I think we would be able to reach if we leave around 0500 hrs.... Lets see when do i leave and when i reach there... the idea is to drive up in the mountains for another 100 kms before we stop.. spend the night there and then come back to rishikesh on sunday morning to do some rafting and stuff...
but then u never know... once me and aro meet.. we might just change the plan of where we are going :) might go to chandigarh as well... or is Jim Corbett a good idea?... lets see...

bai bai for now... the next i think i would write on would be monday..... till then this is your host and buddy Prashant signing off !!!! Have a wonderful weekend :)


  1. o lord...lookat poeple...i called up prashant at 2.30 am and he was well drunk with sleep and told me he will be sound asleep for another next half-hour and dear he, he was not up again until 4 am...and people talk about getting up at 1 and 1.30 and not able to sleep ... :D:D

  2. Mos. Are a very important species... without them the following companies would go bankrupt:-
    Tortoise Coils
    And many more

  3. @ Burf My dear Toosh, I was wide awake at 0400 hrs... infact had taken a bath as well and had cleaned the car too... Aro office se aane mein late ho gaya isliye apan bhi der se nikle :)

    @Golden Words : Very true... but they have not been fair to me.. these mos. have taken a very dear friend of mine away from me for over 3 years just because she is doing her Ph.D on Malaria.

    @ Red : Read the next post :)