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So? Did you?

One of the worst things you can do after you kiss or make out with someone is :

ask them if they liked it !!!!

oh.. wait.. there is something worse..

When someone asks you, saying that you did not feel a thing !!!


  1. I have done something worse than that.....

    said that I did it coz I had fever!

    don't ask me how he felt after that...

    and I felt bad...really bad... when I REALISED what I had said...

  2. # Mayuri...

    # Anjuli...

  3. wats a good thing to do then?

  4. normally ppl ask a btter question... did you cum?

  5. oh do u have to ask such a question !!

    i think it all says the body language i mean

  6. # Aqui...

    Knowing it by expression i guess..

    # Slip...
    was not talking about Intercourse in this post.. but yes...

    # Anony...
    right... thats why I said that its one of the worse things that you can do....

  7. Feeback is important
    - to grow
    - to do better
    - to evolve
    - to innovate

    Otherwise you will end up doing the same thing all the time.

    So whats wrong in asking :-)

  8. # anony....
    very nice thoughts there... hope you have a good time asking and improving :)

    personally I think there are a few acts which are not dependent on feedback, but on how two people feel about it... and should not be treated as transactions...

    from what you wrote, it looks like we are talking about work and not a personal experience...

  9. its always better to better any experience emotional, physical or whatever. Who dosent want good experience tell me.

    I will ask thats how i learn, thats how i do better than the last time...:-) it need not be just work

    Feedback is important in work,life,sex,art ... anythingintheworld

  10. gals at time fake it....

  11. feedback to mil hi jaata hai yaar...pochhne ki zaroorat padti kahan hai....

    some of the feedbacks that I know of...

    nice tea...

    aur bhi bahot kuchh....

    and yes....ye sab nahin mile to gadbad hai :-P

    to mil gaya na feedback aape aape :-)

  12. agree girls fake...they act so well !

  13. # Anony..
    fair enough...

    I am fine with this difference of opinion :) while I don't disagree with the need for a feedback in everything... i might have different thoughts of how and when to collect it..

    # Aqui..
    hmm... ok... what do they fake? liking something? i guess we all do, in the name of not wanted to hurt the other person..

    # Anjuli..

    sahi baat.. par ye unko kaun samjhaye jinko as many words mein sawal poochna hota hai aur jawab bhi chahiye hota hai :D

    # Anony... hmm....

  14. 2 more from my side:
    "Honey...m home!" :P
    "Are you in???"


  15. Yah...totally!

    idiculous qs.. at the most apt times...

    sayin the wrong things ...totally screws the feeling :(

  16. A scene from liar liar comes to my mind.. hahaha :P


  17. ek line yaad aa gayi..khaoshi se khamoshi ko, baat karne do...
    ...I completely agree with you that asking that question is completely ridiculous. Silence speaks in lot of circumstances...

  18. # Pallavi...

    yea... i think i remember the scene you talking about..

    # Mon...
    yes, it does...

  19. ek baat bolun... if we dont ask each other about the kiss thing..BOTH starts assuming ki 'did s/he like it?' 'was it good/bad/kinky' ....i would rather tell my feeling abt it and ask .And big deal if he says he doesnt coz then you know atleast he didnt like this way and might try something else next/same time or just dump him coz it didnt work out :P

    bhaiyaa everywhere we need to communicate else there are 90% chances of assumptions which are totally stories ....

  20. # Geet...
    fair enough... just don't ask as soon as you are done with your doing...

    and be ready to hear a not so good thing too...

  21. gone through both ..it aint that bad prashant :). maybe coz i wasnt even expecting that he would say it was good.becoz i knew i was too good and if he didnt like then i happily give him the reins. .... (i will stop here)

  22. Ditto here too :P

    i still don't think I should be asking or saying that I did not like it...

    too sensitive a time to say anything...

  23. chal bhayee..mat poochna :) ...be in the moment :P

  24. just remembered another worst thing one can do , but am not telling :P

  25. lol funny, This is better atleast it ends with asking..maybe he/she believes in contineous improvement

    how about this someone snoring away to glory actually snoring away after finishing his errr ?

  26. agree with you compleetely - questions like thsi can destruct the whole effect... once i made a stupid mistake.. afetr that - i becaem wise :-D as anjuli said, feedbacks r alwsy a plenty - no need to ask.

  27. kiss kiss ki baat hai..and if u find the kiss real bad, jus run off, u arent gonna continue dating anyway :p