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Change of State...

I have to learn how to laugh at a few people I am angry with...

Realising that my anger is not helping anyone, and most importantly me... but laughter might just give birth to a few smiles once in a while!!!

Anger : Out... get out... just get the fkk out !!!

In fact I wonder if these people are worth anytime, but unfortunately we meet and walk a distance with folks who leave a deep impact on our lives, on our thinking and on our behavior... all in the name of life...

Fortunately, I have had people I have laughed my lungs out with... and I have had people who made me cry till I could not breathe anymore...

Extreme pain, access sadness,
Blank Thoughts, insane madness,


Have been feeling a li'il low for the past couple of days.. happens all the time whenever I am back from an amazing trip !!! I guess I need to write about the trip soon and read it myself to get back to life :)


  1. Oh, it happens to all of us..I 've met a few people (read women) who blame it on PMS..poor guys can't even do that!!..
    But what the heck..that's life..

    Enjoy the feeling!!If you feel angry, just be angry and realise the foolishness of it all..I'm sure you'll start laughing even without trying!!

    Get back to the jolly mood!!


  2. # Kay...
    good to see you here after a while :)

    and yes, thats life.. but i don't want to be angry.. i have better things to do then wasting time being angry with people who I feel have not been fair to me...

    but maybe you are right.. let it be :)

    I usually am happy again as soon as click the publish button on blogger :D

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  4. arre arre.. each time I come across a blog like this one, something stirrs inside, eyes glazing over, I feel compelled to rush out full of purpose and determination... its called agony aunt mode...but this time jane dete hain. Its only a phase bro, this too will pass..... out with the stories I came looking for now....

  5. # Chandan...
    hehehe... don't worry... I would be the last person who needs an agony aunt :)

    the story is going to be here tonight... first episide :)

    # Anjuli...
    ekdum jhaabad !!!

  6. I also tend to get mad at a lot of people in my life BUT I later realized that without having known these people I would maybe not realize how precious the other nice people in my life are!

  7. # Solitaire...
    you are right... thanks for your visit :)

  8. Murari,
    thnk u've been givin undue weightage to lesser demons when u have a helluva, irrepressible and "really-after-ur life" demon/chudail in ur life to make u miserable.. =D

    thnk about her and the rest shall seem like blessings in comparison.. =D

  9. # Baandri...
    hehehehe... you are so bloody right !!!

  10. hey btw did i tell you soemthing that i changed your name on my gmail list... aka ...TGTR.... so u have more reasons to smile now than to be angry.... baaki ke liye main hoon na .... take care keep smiling u know rite that i m falling in love with your smile... :)

  11. Hugs *_* you will do ok :)

    its all part n parcel of life

    u r wonderful and stay wonderful


  12. # ~S..
    that I will..

    thanks for the kind words :)

  13. Well i dont get angry on others, coz i dont want someone else to have that power on my emotions, and specially to make me feel bad..However i am many a times very angry on me,,,which i feel i need to change,,well thats another story...for u, i wud say forget not forgive....just permanently delete from hard disc like it never existed....

  14. # Ankur...
    tu mast hai bhai...

    na main bhoolta... aur na hi maaf karta aasani se... par there are times when I just ignore things...

    facts ko accept hi kar leta hoon...

    tu dhyaan mat de... phase hota hai mera... am alright now...

    tu MP wali posts dekh aur khush hoja :D