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vrooom... and better...

A short long fast drive... a few good songs... some useless and useful conversation... and a nicey ice cream later I am here !

That reminds me, its been a while that I had my favorite make your own triple sundae at Nirulas... I used to love it, with two scoops of tooty fruity and one of pineapple... I am going to get some tomorrow for sure...

I am feeling much better now after I have concentrated on the thought of having some ice cream, all by myself...

Good Night week... hope the sad bad thoughts get buried with time...


  1. Hope you are feeling better. Take care.

  2. yummmm...that ice-cream frm Nirulas...i so totally miss it :)

    dnt worry abt nething..I knw I jus started visiting yur blog...but i cme here coz i like yur space and u already knw hw i really like yur pics too!

    so it is for a totaly selfish motive i cme here :)

    hope u go on writing!

    have a good weekend!

  3. tujhe bola tha na, next time u wll think about closing down chai ki dukaan, I WILL KILL YOU! tu bhool gaya lagta hai...

    aur beta...ice cream...akele akele!

    mast reh Prashant!

    ek hug de doon kya? :-P

    Take care...

  4. # Veens..

    And I am so going to have it today :)

    not worried at all.. just too tired of people making judgements and perceptions because of what is written on a page, and not understanding that it probably is not more than 10% of what I am...

    i like the selfish motive.. keep it up..

    # Anjuli..
    did not think of closing it down, thought of making it open to a limited audience only... but that would have blocked it from a few people that I want to see here, because they don't login and all to see it... hence.. here it is...

    Ice cream akele khane ka jo maza hai wo bahut saari cheezon mein nahin hai...


  5. Gosh..you know what you are a total attention seeker !!
    You eat icecream u tell...you cry you tell...you shit you tell...you have sex you tell....ROFLMAO.

    I bumped into your blog a couple of days ago and man i have read almost all the post took me a few hours at night..but Every single post is like come come on people pamper me, agree with what i say, this is my verdict you guys better agree Tone.
    Nothing wrong in it...thats the way you are.

    I am going to Rss this blog as its totally entertaining.

    Full paisa wasool...

  6. I love the last anonymous comment. Ekdum mast!

  7. hey!

    I love ice cream too :D

    and about the previous post, if one filters writing even on a blog, why blog at all.

    Please keep it as ur very personal space!

  8. long drives ...my fav!!!

    weekend to bilkul acha ni ja ra...fell sick and hospitalized in emergency...but better now.

  9. Prashant, right...totally..!

    ignore karo...aur kya kar sakte hain...lekin dukaan and mat karna :)

    totally like it.

    ab hum jaise selfish logon ke liye...khula rakho 24X7X365 :))

    Be happy :)

  10. # Chandni...

    Fair enough... why filter....


    # Geet..
    Yeah... long long drives... they are so much funn...

    Ohho... hope you are feeling better... please take care..

    # Veens...
    nahin karunga...

    ji ji... thanks...

  11. icecream... yeah, may times a godo driver can clear teh cow webs from ur head.. :-D

  12. I do that always (atleast once a month)..NOIDA expressway Zindabad.

    Whats the fuss about closing and not closing again once the dust is settled?..Rota(read expressive) bahut hai tu.

    Icecream se mujhe ek incident yaad aaya. Do check my Flickr account on 27th Apr.

  13. limited audience!!is there gonna be a queue? Wrong q i mean question, where do i queue up? ltd. ho ya unltd. i want an entry ok. Hope ure feeling better after ure ice-cream :)
    tutti fruity n pine-apple..hmm..i have always noticed this-girls like all chocolate/coffee flavors n guys go for the fruit flavors..dunno why.

  14. # Nitin...
    Personal space hai.. yahan par expressive nahin hounga to kahan hounga...

    # Elusive...
    nope... no queue..

    I know guys who love chocolate like anything... I personally like pineapple a lot... hence the choice of sundae...