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50000 and still going strong !!!

A lot of people find me and my love for my car crazy... I don't blame them for that passion is close to insanity anyway :)

Li'il do they realize that this probably is the level of commitment that I set for myself :)

About three and a half years after I bought my car, I still feel as great as I felt the first time I went out for a drive...

and this Sunday, we reached a milestone of 50000 kms... a journey worth it !!!

We met people during these years and kilometers, we lost some, we still have some... we saw people who loved us and understood us, and we also met people who did not understand the bond between the living and the non living... At one instance, I was even asked to go to hell and make babies with my car :D hahaha.. how I wish !!! A lot of my friends would not have to wait for the lakh rupee Nano then... I would have given them a lot of smaller cars for free !!!

So me and her when look back saw a lot that has happened in the last 50000 kms and we smile together !!!

It has been a life worth living !!!

and hope it stays that way !!!

God Bless !!!


  1. Mein keha ji vadiyaan....

    Good going dude. And the snaps with the black background look amazing :)

  2. Thanks Bhaskar...

    nice to see you here !!

  3. just don't drink and drive
    or sleep and drive
    or dance and drive...

    else keep driving
    enjoy the ride...
    and yes, do sing and drive :)

  4. # Tanu...
    hehehe... sorry sorry I can't take any of your suggestions because...

    I do drink and drive... its nice to have water and an occasional juice bottle in the car when you are out driving...

    I sleep ( first) and drive.. but there are times when I could not sleep and still drove...

    and I dance while I am driving... just can't help it with the awesome music at times... at the cost of looking really crazy to someone who I overtake or who passes by :P

    and I will drive :)

    and I will enjoy

    and I will sing and drive :)

    yeye !!!

  5. whacko, weirdo..... ;-)

    i dont have two doubts abt your gal being jealus of yoru car... she seems like your first love.... and btw the photo vanished... i have a cross instead... is it my network or with everybody...

    anyway congrats... humien to agey waali seat per bithana bhi band kar diya hai aajkal tumne..

  6. You know u remind me of the argument i had the other day... regarding selling my car and buying a bigger one... i think i shall never be able to grow out of the love for my first self owned car... its like the possession i cherish the most... even if i buy another car i'd like to keep this one forever may be... keep driving... :)

  7. # Aqui...

    Like a lot of other people you also get me wrong... there is nothing to be jealous about.. but then depends on how you look at it, to be honest...

    I see as a level that I maintain wrt love and commitment and anyone should understand that and not treat a car as "competition"... think about guys getting jealous of nail paints, and diamond jewelery, and things women cherish like anything !!! utter nonsense :)

    but then li'il can be done about perceptions :) I am not really keen on making changes to mine and others'

    aage wali seat par baithne ki ichcha zaahir hi nai ki hai aapne kaafi time se...

    # Slip...

    thanks :)

  8. like a lot of other ppl... u also are a jerk... silly i was joking... why shud i be jealus.... ofcourse i understand yoru sentiments abt your beloved radha but not sure anybody else who doesnt relate to it will understand... get it... jealus was just an expression of speach

  9. btw did i tell you that your car has a long life... i saw a red palio today... under teh under pass and thot it was your car.... cause u told me that u have relatives and all here... but then i saw the no... not 7821 :)

  10. # Aqui...
    hehehe.. i like it when you write like this...

    I know that you are not jealous.. you have seen this obsession of sorts right from day 1...

    I was also talking about people who cannot relate to it... and jealous, even though a figure of speech, is an appropriate inappropriate thing to happen here :)


    and no other car is as good as her :) hehehe... even if is a RED Palio :P

    oh, and on a serious note, thanks for understanding ;) and being so supportive of this passion :)

  11. tumhare bday ki treat ke liye hum jayenge tumharee gaadi mein aagey waali seat per baith ke theek hai

  12. hehehe...

    theek hai... jayenge !!!

  13. goood hai.........and congrats hai......kafi dino ke baad radha ke upar ek post........long time i havent met her :D

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  15. wow!!!
    this sure been a terrific journey

    cheers to radha and u on celebrating 50,000 miles and 3.5 years of togetherness...
    and wishes for many more miles and years to be :)

  16. Is that a Palio Dash?

    The Black ribbon is a seeming endless string and its always a pleasure to cover the miles.. driving is a passion for me too... specially the long drives like delhi to Ladakh..

    cheers and hope the road goes on and on.

  17. oh its a palio indeed. just saw the tag afterwards.. had one too till last year the steadiest drive and the only car which doesn't lose its pep once the A/C is on... All the others peter out but never faced that with a Palio..

  18. :) great milestone!
    I had set a milestone for myself, to travel all Over india in all states before i turn 30... was on track covering South India well.. and had started venturing into west.. then this coming to US thing happened!
    But I am still keeping that target!

    Life feels good on reading such exciting stuff!

    lemme know ur gmail address... would send across that proposal thing sometime soon.

  19. # Mayuri...
    thanks :)

    and yes.. this sure has been one of the best times of my life :)

    # Hermit...
    yes it sure is...

    One of the best things that has ever happened to me is my car :)

    Ladakh... hmm... I am thinking of something here now :)

    # Kshitiz...
    Thats a great thought bro.. hope you start from where you left when you are back in 2009...

    all the best...

    my address is prashantbhardwaj[at]gmail[dot]com

  20. Nice...:)) Long live radha and your love for radha

  21. When you love someone It shows. You are not alone who love his car more than anything else. My car is going to be 4 in few months and is also my most prized possession.

    Telling the love of car to anyone who is not fond of driving is like telling about rainbow to a colorblind person.

    Keep Driving and Loving (but not both at same time :D)

  22. # Anony..

    # Nitin...
    you bet !!!


  23. badhiya!
    mubarak ho.. to u AND Radha :P

  24. 50k and strong ... wow!
    m also an ardent traveler but i prefer 2 wheels to a cage :-)

    u have a nice space here ... will keep coming back!

  25. # Sangfroid...
    thanks :)

    2 wheels are great... i am always happy at the thought of riding an enfield somewhere like there is no coming back ( to office :P)

    thanks... you are most welcome...

    # Anjuli...
    she is worth it... i am sure she was happy to meet you yesterday :)

  26. Ky pyaar hai..kya commitment hai..waah waah waah!!! O Radhe...tera bhi jawaab nahi hai..

  27. Palio is one sweet car. whcih model? 1.6? sweet engine and good fedback. alwsy loved it... I love travelling, but more of a bike guy, but still have a sweet spot for cars....
    Keeps myself a 84 model Amby - and i love her :-)
    'Radha' is a nice name - hope krishna and radha have many many happy miles together...

  28. # XH...
    I have a 1.2 sports... they did not have 1.6 Hatchback when I was buying it... plus they did not have the red color that I fell in love with :)

    Biking I am sure is a lot of fun... I personally like travelling in public transport :) and drive in my car when I can...

    84 Amby? WOW...

    and thanks :)

  29. Hello Mr. Prashant,

    You are famous today!!

    Do visit me sometime AGAIN (I swear I have no crush on you!!).


  30. i can understand ur feelings ...i cant wait to buy a car and click a snap when it completes its 1st kilometer....
    nice blog u have..

  31. # Solitaire...

    many thanks for acknowledging the being famour part :)

    and thanks for letting me know about the non-crush part too :) its nice to know that bit...

    will be around :)

    thanks for coming by...

    # Nirmal...
    all the best... hope you have your first km soonest :)

  32. hayla!awesomee..and am yet to begin counting the kms of my car whichs yet to be bought :(
    meraa no. kab aayega :(

  33. Good luck...

    aayega number zaroor...