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Music to my (y)ears....

the chirping of a bird

a voice long unheard

the sound when she breathes

my heart's beats when she keeps

the growl of my car

a baby's chuckle not too far

the air on the hills, the sound of the wings

the leaves falling on the walk, the water when the stream sings

whats music to your ears?


  1. The sound of someone's laughter..

    the sound of waterfall in the background...

    the sound of silence...

  2. @ Anony...

    interesting... the third one very very....

  3. @ You are..

    very very nice...

    i hear myself too.. but not sure if thats real music to my ears :D

  4. rain drops on the roof
    his eyes speaking volumes

    in sync with smiles and touches that mingle
    with the quiet's shushed jingles

    uske baad maa ki kadak daant :P
    make the perfect music i'd ever want

  5. better tha

    ye continuation dots hata

  6. Interesting - I know what you mean....sometimes usic to your ears/years are effortless things...did you get to hear your love in the alien land? ;-)If you din't, I hope you do..soon...

  7. # Burf...
    kahan mar gaya hai tu saale !!!

    oh you do :) good good... most of the times music is effortless, rather i feel it sounds better when its effortless...

    love in alient land... oh yes... i heard :)

  8. Sound of waves

    A cheerful Hello

    Sound of Rain

  9. The sound of raindrops... first on the umbrella, then on my head...
    The sound of the two waterfalls at the Osho Garden at Koregaon Park in Pune... have spent so many hours just listening to it alone...
    The sound of jaltarang playing...
    The sound of silence through the night...
    jyada likha to yahan ek mini post ban jayega :D

  10. @ Anony...

    i love the sound of waves and rain too..

    @ Reeta...
    hmm... hmm...

    interesting... :)